FBW A320 Cruise Trim High

I know the FBW A320 autotrims…

But, is it normal for the FBW A320 to be at +3.25 Trim during cruise flight. Seems odd that the plane would have an angle of attack of 3% while at 260 IAS (M.78) in the cruise phase. Balance is good.

Flying too high?

What is an angle of attack of 3% and why do you think the angle of attack is 1:1 linked to trim?

Trim or angle of attack? 3 degree Nose up is quite normal for an Airbus A320

The trim wheel is consistently set by the autotrim system to UP 3 or more. The PFD shows nose up over horizon about 3%. The AOA indicator on the full screen view shows 3%

Trim and AoA/pitch attitude are two completely different thing. They aren’t connected in any way.

The artificial horizon shows degrees, not percent.

+3° pitch (pitch = AoA in level flight) at 260kias is correct.

Trim considerable changes with weight and CG at the same speed.

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I really do get what you are saying. Think you are missing what I am asking. My primary question:

Is it normal to have pitch up (on the autotrim wheel of the FBW A320) of +3 during cruise? It is well outside of the green range.

The green range indicates the takeoff trim range, nothing else.

Btw. That’s a normal trim wheel and it can be used in case of certain malfunctions.

APs in airliners are basicslly always using stabilizer trim.
This hasn’t necessarily something to do with autotrim or the FBW system.

Thanks for your help. Was not clear if the “green” range was only for takeoff and it was normal to be outside of that range during regular cruise.

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Asked about this once before but was flying today and noticed it again. Should the trim show 31%? Also, notice the amber AOA indicator. Seems odd it would be amber at cruise. Is this a CG problem on my end?

Also, note the position of the trim wheel at cruise–it is 4+. Normal?

CG has a negligible effect on the pitch attitude/cruise AoA.

The external AoA indicator is a generic one-size-fits-all type.
3° AoA is still within the normal range.

Trim is in degrees. Where do you see 31%?

Again, trim doesn’t matter. +4 doesn’t look unusual.

Got it on AoA. 31% on bottom right of first pic. Trim wheel in sec pic shows 4+.

I see. That’s 31% of the available trim range. Looks ok as well.

Just checked. The stab trim range on the real A320 is from -4.5° to +13.5°.

Thanks much…

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