FBW A320 ILS not working

I’ve downloaded the last 2 latest dev versions of the FBW a320 and in both the ILS no longer works. You click on NAV then ILS and neither illuminates and the COMM radios don’t flip to NAV. Nothing happens. Did something change and I’m doing it wrong now or is it infact not working properly?

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It is working OK for most, there are no other current posts on it.
Did you check to see if the ILS frequency is in the nav radio?

I don’t know what you mean by “COMM radios don’t flip to NAV”, as they aren’t supposed to.
It’s a completely different system.

You should click on the ILS button to display the ILS bars on the PFD, and you need to click “Appr” to enable the airplane to capture the ILS.

I mean down on the center console, where the Active and Standby radios are, you used to flip open the button cover and hit the NAV button, Then to the right of that is the ILS button. In the frequency window above VFH1, VHF2, and VFH3 show COM frequencies by default at start-up. I used to click on NAV below these, then ILS which would change the frequency windows from COM to NAV frequencies, where you could then turn the dial to enter the correct ILS and CRS. Now, when clicking NAV and / or ILS, the frequency windows remain on COM frequencies, and dont flip over to NAV freqencies, so there is no way to select the right ILS freq / CRS.

I know how to enable ILS once the freq’s are dialed in, just press the APPRCH button on the MCP panel. Problem is not being able to dial in the ILS freqs anymore.

In “nav rad” on the MCDU just above.

Ok so it now has to be done through the FMS and not on the physical radio panel?

Honestly, I never use the actual radio, as it is way easier to enter the frequencies in the MCDU.

Gotchya, I never used the NAV/RAD section in the FMS, always just used the radio. Thanks for the tip. Problem is, the radio used to work for this and doesn’t anymore. The buttons I circled in red in the picture above are now “inop”

Could be a conflict with a mod or a livery, both are fairly common.

What NAV button? To activate the ILS you first MUST have the proper ILS Approach procedure programmed, and the Proper ILS frequency tuned in the NAV/COMM page, in the MCDU. Then, when you Transition from your STAR to the ILS Procedure, press the LS button (which is beside the FD button), turn the ND Select knob to LS, and then press the APPR button. You positively must have the AP on. The autothrust is optional at this point (I turn it off and control the throttle manually). At about 100 feet AGL you can disconnect the AP and hand fly to touchdown if you have visual contact with the runway. You can tune the ILS frequency in the MCDU or the NAV/RAD panel. I make sure it is tuned in at both locations, including the Course indicator.

I know how to fly an ILS approach, done it thousands of times. But I always did it by having selected the ILS freq and CRS on the physical radio and not in the FMS.

I find using the radio stack is too confusing. So I just use the MCDU NAV RAD button, and enter the frequency and voila. automatically active. the CRS even gets entered automatically from the ILS signal detected.

That is a nice feature I wasn’t aware of. Good to know both options. The problem is the physical radio doesn’t work for this anymore. As of 2 dev versions ago it did. I just didn’t know if it was supposed to be inop on the radio as it currently is.

they’re probably working on something that changes the radio stack control. Or if they’re trying something differently.

Yes you are right, it doesn’t work.
Probably interfered with some of the coding of the plane so they disabled it.

I’m amazed you guys do not follow their Discord. It is currently being modified and will be back in both Dev and Custom. Stable is still functioning.


I actually do, missed that somewhere.
I do find discords hard to follow though.

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It was in answer to a specific question I posed about 3 days ago:)

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Same for me.

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I don’t follow it because discord has too much information that it’s difficult to filter for me. So I keep my experimental version updated everytime, and whenever I noticed something different. I would know that they must be working on something, whatever it is and I just adapt my process to make it work. Not a big deal for me. I’m easily adapting to different changes in short time.


I have the same issue but only with the developer aircraft.