FBW A320 Load Passengers and Luggage

How do you load in the passengers and luggage wit the FBW A320? I was able to load the fuel in fine from the EFB but did not see a passenger load option.


On W&B page on AOC Menu Click then use right arrow under airport button that will give you the passenger page. Hit send then start and should sort for you. If that is what you are looking for. This is on the MCDU menu not ipad

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thanks ill check it out

I don’t see an AOC menu, is it in the FMS?

nevermind I see AOC thanks

I’m very confused now on how all three of these weight segments link together as they all seem vastly different… :face_with_thermometer:

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I would suggest you to use simbrief and let it create a flight plan and load sheets and just import it via MCDU. Less planning work :slight_smile:

Well you are sort of on track. Msfs menu has a zfw 100000 plus fuel 10000 plus 28000 payload
Fms is showing you go 100000 plus fuel load of 10000 you just haven’t included payload as yet.on mcdu hit send then start and will commence loading pax. Depending on what value is in SimBrief will load to that figure. That may then differ from fs

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Hi !

Now that we know how to get onboard passengers, is there a way to get them offboard once arrived at destination ? There is an Boarding option Start but no unboard ?

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Pressing “Boarding Start” again triggers deplaning

Edit: You need to press the Total Pax (LSK1) button first which sets the total target passengers to 0…then press “Boarding Start.” This will trigger counting down from the current passenger total to 0.


Is there a way to unload passengers and cargo once you’ve arrived at your destination?


wondering this too

Once you’re at the gate and you shut down the engines, as I remember you get the passenger disembark prompt on the EFB.