FBW A320 loses PFD/ND

FBW A320 loads with both PFD and ND with no info. It’s as if the Adiru’s are not aligned. Used MSFS to/from flight plan. Occasionally it will load properly, but not often. Deleted and downloaded most current version, with no luck. Also, tried the a/c in content manager with same results. Have to use the default 320, FBW not reliable. Too bad. It flew very well for a time. See attached photos.

Did you align the Adirs?

Not sure what you mean by “not reliable”. the FBW a320 always works for me. Very reliable.

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Which version are you using?

Using the to/from in the sim the aircraft is on the runway with adirus already aligned. Also, if you just put in the “to” airport and click fly they are of course aligned with a/c at 3800 ft. Worked well before. The default 320 also works fine. Problem is only with FBW.

Sorry, that was for the OP. If they are using the experimental version, that could be the answer.

No problem. Btw, I downloaded the stable version.

Strange. I always start cold and dark with no issues. Have you checked the discord? Bugs usually get reported there first.

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Not on pc now, but it is the most current version.

I’ve looked everywhere I could think of and looks like I’m the only lucky one…lol.

Maybe try to start cold and dark and start everything up manually and see if it stabilizes that way. I am at work so can’t make an attempt to replicate the issue now. Maybe someone who is on can try it.

I’ll try that. Problem is I can practice landings easily this way. Aircraft is in the air, I plug in the ILS Freq and can fly it over and over.

start up cold and dark and do touch and gos

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Actually, have you gone into the setup and set the align time to immediate? I think default takes 7 mins or something and won’t work if you are moving. Even the short takes 30s or a minute. The exact times are somewhere but I am sure you get the point.

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I’ll try that, but something is definitely wrong. With the a/c on the runway with engines running or the aircraft set up on a final the adiru’s are already aligned. Has always worked before.

I feel like there is most likely an easy solution to this but it is hard to think about without the sim in front of me. The stable version doesn’t get updated often and it very thoroughly tested. I am not necessarily saying you are doing something wrong but I doubt it is a FBW bug. I really feel like it is a setting or something. If this isn’t identified on the discord already, you should post this question there. I bet you will get an answer/solution pretty quick by folks that are very knowledgeable with this.

In the current dev (and possibly in the stable, too – I haven’t checked), if you start other than cold and dark, you will typically still need to wait for the alignment process to take place. I recommend you select immediate or fast alignment in the MCDU options menu. I do a lot of testing from on the runway or in air starts, and I find that the fast alignment works fine. Don’t touch the adirus, just wait for them to align and the displays to come on line.

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Yeah I’ve used the development and stable versions extensively. There is nothing wrong with the MOD. The problem is elsewhere. One big clue is the fact that no one else has this problem but the OP.

What do u know. It worked. Reset the align time and it was fixed. Want to thank everyone for the help!


Awesome. Happy flying…or practicing ILS landings over and over. lol

Also, would be nice to retract the “FBW A320 being unreliable” statement. Just for the record. :slight_smile:

FBW is reliable. I happily retract my previous statement.