FBW A320 Removal

How do I remove the Store version of the FBW A320 - when I check for updates its still showing.

You should be able to delete the A32NX via the MSFS content manager. Additionally check the …/packages/official/ folder and delete any FBW A32NX related folder.

The FBW version that the Microsoft store has is very outdated and causes numerous problems. Remove it and get the latest version which works well.

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Thanks. I understand that and have only been using the recommended FBW versions, lately v7.

I can’t see a way of removing the marketplace version. It says ‘download unavailable. A community copy already exists’. There is nothing in the ‘Official’ folder.

I suppose the only way to remove it would be a complete uninstall/install, but I’m enjoying MSFS2020 too much to do that.

I think it should be enough to just delete the version in the community folder. Then go to MSFS and go to your Profile → Content Manager… Not the marketplace. And the old A32NX should be inside the “Installed” filter. Just click on them and delete to uninstall.

Then close MSFS, and reinstall the A32NX from the installer, then you should not have a double A32NX anymore.

I’ll give it a go.

Didn’t work. Funnily enough after I deleted the Community version I was able to install the Marketplace version. I then deleted that and it went back to the ‘to be installed’ folder.

Well, that’s what you wanted right? When you claim something (especially a free addon) from the Marketplace, it goes to your “To be Installed” category. If you install it, it goes to your “Installed” category. If you remove the installed addon, it becomes “To be Installed”.

Since you already claimed it, it’s yours and it’s permanently in your Microsoft Account. It’s just a matter of whether you have it in your “To be Installed” category (when it is not installed), or the “Installed” category (when it is installed).

I thought that the FBW A320 had been pulled from the ‘to be installed’ section.

So I just leave it and continue with v7.0


They pulled it from the marketplace so people can’t claim them anymore in the future… People who already claimed it in the past is already theirs, so that stays.

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