FBW A320 Wing Views Issues

Does anyone have a download file that works for FBW A320 Wing Views? Every file I download doesn’t seem to work, and for whatever reason I can’t get the hang of doing it myself. Sorry for being a noob on this, but if you can shoot me a file that works or maybe I am missing something easy, IDK. Thanks in advance!

I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to do. The FBW A320 already has several fixed wing views camera that you can access using the Showcase Fixed Camera mode.

How do you access that mode?

Use the keybinding to toggle Drone Camera mode. (you can bind this in your control settings).
Then use the keybinding to switch with the Cockpit/External camera mode while you’re in the Drone camera mode to switch to the fixed camera mode.

Then use the keybinding that you can set to cycle next/previous fixed cam to see the wing view.

Or you can hover your mouse over the top toolbar menu, open the Camera setting, change to Showcase, and expand the menu at the bottom to display a list of Fixed Camera modes. then just pick the one at the bottom.

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