FBW A320 ZFW problem

Using the experimental version the ZFW and hence the gross weight of the aircraft is always 2.5t approx more than what is on the simbrief flight plan - does anyone else have this problem?

Did you use the correct SimBrief profile for the exp. version? And did you start “boarding” and wait for its completion?


Works for me.


No not sure how to get the new Simbrief airframe and yes to the second part. Where do i get the airframe link?

Managed to work it out - thanks very much for the help, I never thought you would need a new airframe. Cheers.

Glad it worked out. Edited my post and added the link.

Thanks Sierra. Did not know thst there is a new airframe. Bookmarked.

Just a heads-up to everyone on this thread. The link on the docs site will be a live link. Any new changes (like the one coming in the next couple of days) will directly be updated to the same link. Make sure to delete your local copy of the A32NX airframe before saving the new one

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