FBW A320Neo take off issues, what am I doing wrong?

So I’ve downloaded the 0.7.3 stable build of the FBW A320 mod but it doesn’t seem to be functioning for me the way it’s meant to.

If I create a flight plan using the in game world map, load up on the runway ready to take off, set the throttle to TOGA and then take off everything seems to be going fine but then around the time I bring the landing gear up the plane seems to just magically lose speed when it gets to around 180 kits. The speed drops off and then the planes goes into A Floor mode and from there I’ve no idea what to do, I’d rather just avoid going into a floor. I never used to have this problem.

Also when taking off I never see the green SRS text and when I switch to flex mode it calls it MAN MCT or something rather than flex like in all the videos.

I’m confused, can anyone help ? Does one need to do a full start up procedure to be able to fly this thing ? Is that’s what causing the issue maybe ? You can’t just load onto a runway and takeoff ? I assumed that it would just automatically have all the technical stuff etc setup if you spawned on runway ready for take off

Any help is appreciated

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Check your outside temps, it’s a MSFS weather bug:

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I just encountered this tonight. Spent a long time trying to figure out the cause but still no luck. I have the same issue with the 787. So is the fix to change to warmer weather?

Make sure your INIT PERF page is configured nothing got to to do with weather that’s at higher altitude

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Not really, it’s 1000ft above ground right now.

Best work around for the time being, is to turn off live weather.

Live weather bug for most is FL250 and above.

His issue doesn’t appear to be live weather bug

I have experienced this several times today on climb-out out of EGLL. IT IS caused by live weather. Switch live weather on, engine thrust is gone. Switch live weather off, engine thrust is fine. No rocket science to test this. By the way, temps were normal.

The same happened to me now. Imposible to climb while live weather is on. Temps shortly after takeoff normal (although no trust) and from above 500ft AGL goes to +250C

Nope. I had this around 1500ft AGL at INN. The temperature bug can occur at almost any height.


Have you setup the MCDU?

SRS only engages when V2 is set…

In this guide you will find a lot of useful information:

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