FBW A320NX Vertical Navigation

After installing the latest Development Version of the mod several days ago, I was delighted to discover that the autopilot was following all vertical constraints on the climb out during my initial flight with the revised software. However, it did not follow the specified vertical constraints during my decent. Am I missing something?

I have been away from the game for a couple of days and have not had chance to try the process again or to see if the mod now follows the vertical elements of an RNAV approach. I seem to recall a post here that indicated the RNAV would be functioning soon. Perhaps others know more.

No, VNAV it not implemented yet. In the experimental is also a new LNAV procedure which better follows the flightplan. You can not use RNAV approaches at the moment.

Just a clarification here. You can use an RNAV approach on the A320 and it will follow glide path guidance. You can not yet use VNAV to get down to approach altitudes. You must rely on ATC altitude directions (sometimes spotty) or your own judgement.

I mean the approach button for RNAV appraoch does not work at the moment. Of course you can use charts etc.

Are you sure? I landed RNAV RWY 22L at KMDW recently. Development version of the FBW.

That would suprise me that RNAV and the approach button is working. You can choose an RNAV approach and push the approach button to sink?

Yes. I’ll try again to make sure I’m not going insane :joy:

I am looking forward to it. :wink:

So, I’m crazy.

RNAV was indeed working at a certain point. But since we have the custom autopilot this is no longer working. Now it’s relying on the custom vertical guidance. I tried to use the default AP guidance somehow but it didn’t work.

Is it correct to say that once VNAV is released, that RNAV approaches will also start working, or is that a separate, additional effort?

It’s definitively the foundation, because it brings the guidance infrastructure.

I know that one developer was working on it but it was not that easy because you need to figure out the right descend angle etc.

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