FBW A32nx - flight planning - why Simbrief?

Horribly basic question - I have read a lot on this forum, and elsewhere, but cannot find a clear answer.
I use Navigraph Charts for all my VFR flight planning, and love it.
Am now starting to fly the FBW A32nx (Development version), so am learning how to use the MCDU etc.
From my research I think (perhaps wrongly?) that most people use Simbrief for flight planning for the A32nx and import it.
Is there any reason for using Simbrief rather than doing the planning in Navigraph Charts, and importing from there? Is it not possible to import direclty from Navigraph Charts?
Any disadvantages/advantages of so doing?
Thanks in advance, Alasdair

Short answer is: it’s just very convenient. You get most of the entries in INIT page with the import, not just the pure flightplan.
Many people fly with additional external programms, like PACX or any other load manager, GSX, etc. Most of these softwares a also linked to simbrief these days. So with an active Simbrief flightplan you can simply load the active plan anywhere with one click. Same goes with the A32NX own EFB (plane load, fuel, etc.).

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I use simbrief for real world ops. So then i import it in Navigraph instead of the other way round. I use flightrader just to be sure using the right runways.

For IFR i just find simbrief easy to use. I don’t need to do anything in the worldmap just to select a gate at the departure airport. Also with GSX it’s just easy to use.
F.i. planning via navigraph and/or littlenavmap takes a lot more time.

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Many thanks. Understood.
Regards, Alasdair

Many thanks - makes sense.
Regards, Alasdair

I think the reason is mainly historical. Navigraph started with charts as their main feature. Their flight planning features came later, and are still relatively basic, but more interactive, while Simbrief acts more like the dispatch department of an airline. Simbrief was only recently bought up by Navigraph, and I could imagine that over time, more and more features of Simbrief will be integrated into the Navigraph Charts app.

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Thank you - this seems highly logical.
Looks like I will be using Simbrief!
Regards, Alasdair

i have the same probler not even one flight does not follow the fllight plan ? why ?

You can route plan in Navigraph & copy the route as text out of it, paste that into Simbrief & verify it. You can then d/l a flightplan & import that into the MSFS planning screen ( make sure to pick a parking spot from the dropdown rather than themap ) & then ingame ATC will know the same route too.

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Thank you for the clarification - much appreciated - will try and follow this suggestion.
Regards, Alasdair

I do it the oother way around. I look on flightrader what trip i want to do. Then find out what runways are used for TO en LANDING. Then i go to simbrief and put all data in and generate the flight.
Then i go to Navigraph and import from simbrief…

I generally let simbrief do the route ( you can check its a valid real route in Europe from simbrief too ), import to navigraph & then work out the runways there given it tells you which ones are in use. Sometimes you want custom routing though.