FBW A32NX sim update 5

Has anyone experienced CTD when flying this freeware plane? Have installed the plane via the uploaded program but the sim will crash to desk top when either loading from the map page or, as has happened, gets to cold and dark and then crashes.

So I want to unload it and try a reinstall but having removed the plane from the community page and local state/ packages but it still appears on my list of aircraft. So how do I ensure its completely removed from my system before I try a complete reinstall?

It’s not the scenery as other planes load to same scenery and the CTD will occur with this plane in any scenery area

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I think I found the last thread to delete. It was in local state/packages/store.
Now it doesn’t appear on my plane screen. However, I need to make sure its completely gone before I try a reinstall.
If anyone knows of anywhere else that might contain details of the plane, let me know.


See below and look at the troubleshooting section.


What helped me with the CTDs was to enable DEV mode and select the FAST ASM Loading option. Restart the sim after enabling the option.

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