FBW Cockpit textures

Curious if the cockpit textures in the FBW mod are from FBW or are they part of the Asobo Neo? Either way I’m super impressed!

There is actually a “texture improvement” mod for the A320 FBW on flightsim.to you might want to check out.

Hmm, I’ll check it out. Do they have to be copied over every time the FBW updates?

everything you’ll add,will need to be put again in there

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The textures you see in the FBW plane are from FBW.

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You use the mod to overwrite certain textures. However, if FBW updates those particular textures, they will be overwritten by the installer and you would need to overwrite them again.

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Great, thank you.

As some point out, the improved cockpit textures mod for the A32Nx are somewhat unrealistic as this airplane is so new. In the CEO yea, you would see that much wear. But this airplane has been in service for less than 10 years with most airliners purchasing them much more recently. So just to throw that out there, the textures are high resolution though and do look good, just not for the neo IMHO.

I personally prefer to fly in a cockpit that’s pristine and brand-new without any sign of wear and tear. You know the kind of feeling when you get driving a new car that was just out of the factory with all the plastic films still attached. Then that feeling of you peeling it off.

I wish there’s a improved texture mod that removes all those wear and tear. I think it’s still relatively realistic because I’m pretty sure flying a brand new aircraft from the factory will have no wear and tear on the cockpit at all.