FBW…engine/throttle problems

Flying from EKBI to LSZH, flying FBW stable version 7 using saitak x52 joystick. I planned to take off from rwy 27 however I was cleared to take off from rwy 9…since the wind was 280/7 I ignored the atc instruction and headed to rwy 27. At take off…I pushed the throttle to 50 percent, then went to flex speed and then 30 seconds later the all engine power was at idle although throttle levers were at flex position and plane slowed down. On the screen I can see the message t.o inhibit, auto thrust is disengaged and the plane came to a complete stop in the middle of the rwy.

I pulled the throttle to idle and then pushed it again to flex there was no engine response; the engine was idle. I started APU, then shut the engines and then restarted the engine and moved the throttle from idle to toga but no response and the auto throttle will not engage.

This is the first time it happens and I am not sure what went wrong but it was a big disappointment after spending 45 minutes preparing for the flight.

Did yo click on the TO Config check before take off to ensure all was ok config wise?

Must be some kind of assistance or AI which causes this problem.
No missed checklist item etc. can cause this behavior.

I did everything by the book…take configuration was normal.

TO config doesn’t affect the aircraft in any way.

…and you calibrated your throttles via the EFB?

Yes I did…

Would it be possible that you decreased throttle by accident when looking for the man flex detent? I notice how the detents are pretty bad to get/stay into as they seem to be too sensitive. (they’ re missing blind spots like in the CRJ)

It’s possible the aircraft then thought you ment to abort the takeoff and bring the engines to idle. Though it should have also activated maximum braking power and full spoilers to stop the aircraft on the runway.

Hello everybody.

Is there a solution to this topic yet?

I have the same problem for several months now, except that my engines usally die at around 2000 ft after take off. When the APU is off (which it should be) most of my displays go black. When I leave the APU on I can see that the engines did actually not turn off but are in Idle and “available”, but dont react to my throttle input.
When I manage to turn them on again before hitting the ground I can continue my flight as nothing happened. Only when I touch down at my destination right after touching down the engines die again. Impossible to fly on Vatsim with this :frowning: