FBW Fly By Wire a320 ILS questions

Isn’t there like a local permit somewhere that prohibits you from driving and using these types of mobile crane next to a runway? Or construction of any building for that matter…

I know where I live it’s a criminal offense to fly drones within certain radius from an airport.

This still doesn’t make sense.
If there’s any non-standard/mobile etc obstruction it will be e.g. in the NOTAM and you can’t perform any ILS approach.

That’s new to me. Do you have a link?

Yeah things like these would be in your NOTAMs too, but you don’t use those in a sim. Let’s just say that in general, specific runways in specific surroundings can add to the requirements of having proper visibility at your TDZ. Going blind on your terrain radar is not proper airmenship because a terrain radar is limited to many different complexities. Such as its inability to scan beyond an object or radar returns being contaminated by objects and materials. Radars are not that precise, they give you a rough indication of bearing when approaching in low visibility but you don’t rely on it with regards to hitting a runway.

Use your google or try it out in the sim.

Just to make sure, the terrain radar has nothing to do with the RA altimeter and hence the minimum.

I think those landing checklist on the ECAM automatically displays at 2000 AGL anyway. But I guess pressing the button might to usable to bring up the same checklist manually, the same way the TO checklist appears some time after engine start or if you press it anyway to get it to appear earlier.

Hehehe now you’re just doing the same as with your charts and ignoring GPWS again. :wink:

So if I am supposed to use Cat I/DA on some approaches with terrain, how I know the approach is Cat I only without Jepsen charts (only have FAA) or waiting for it the flash in my cockpit?

No need to. I’ve flown the 319/320/321 for a few years.
AFAIR the landing memo automatically comes on below 2000ft.

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If the chart doesn’t mention CAT II/III, it’s automatically CAT I.

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ok got it…so if I am in an a320, I should select the cat II chart as that is the most common for airliners. If such a chart does not exist on skyvector chances are I chose the one with no cat mentioned in the title and is likely cat I due to terrain.

Why not give some of these a glance over. There’s maybe more to approach charts than you think and it’s cool to learn anyway.


If the weather permits, flying down to the CAT I minimum (DA) is standard.

It doesn’t matter if the chart says CAT II/III as well or the A320 displays CAT II/III.

Correct, if no CAT is printed on the chart, it’s the highest ILS minimum, which is CAT I.

And for my next challenge… Fly the A320 while blindfolded… :sunglasses:

Ok, that makes sense now, cat I if weather is good…use DA even if the a320 says cat ii, cat II if bad visibility then use DH/radio.

I actually spent some time on approach charts but the cat I versus cat II had me confused, especially when the plane started flashing “cat II.” So just ignore that unless weather is bad…that is more of an option in case.

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Hahaha. I’ll give ya a 50% of success rate. Those boring planes fly themselves anyway. :wink:

That’s why I love them…

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OK final question…if I am flying to a high altitude airport like Denver, is there anything I need to accommodate as far as standard procedures…transition altitude is still 18,000…250 kts max still at 10,000 ft? The MCDU still know I am in approach even though I’m at say 8000 feet?

18K is standard in the USA. 250 still applies. The MCDU will know the moment you activate it on the MCDU.