FBW Fly By Wire a320 ILS questions

You could, but be aware that in real life you shouldn’t make an autoland during CAT I, you should always request CAT II/III when performing an autoland to ensure the ILS sensitive area is protected.

Thank you for the information!

What do you think about strobe lights on landing, should they be on auto or “on” to ensure they are on when I touchdown on the runway?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your post. You think the terrain display system uses an actual radar? Because this is completely wrong, it uses an onboard terrain / obstacle database and GPS position + geometric altitude. Everything you see on that display is virtual, it’s not a radar. You could use the weather radar in the ground mapping mode but this isn’t very useful as it won’t show your relative altitude to terrain.

I don’t know what AUTO does on the Airbus. On the planes I fly we turn them ON when entering the runway and OFF when runway vacated after landing. So they remain on during the entire flight. I can tell you, that’s how every aircraft and every airline operates.

I doubt the AUTO function knows when entering or leaving a runway so I assume it’s tied to the weight-on-wheels so ON when airborne, OFF when on ground? I’m not familiar with the Airbus so it’s a guess.

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Thank you again!

I believe auto means strobe is on when the plane is airborne. Not sure why this is a function unless it is to prevent people from forgetting altogether. I’m pretty sure the strobe needs to be on during takeoff, then I think goes to auto when airborne. I don’t recall any video or checklist tell me to put it back from auto to “on” on during landing but seems to make sense if it is supposed to be “on” during takeoff.

So I from what I am gathering from your post, make sure it is “on” during landing until taxi?

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Until runway vacated, yes. And it’s a plausible explanation for the AUTO function indeed. @PZL104 can probably tell you what it is used for,

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What I read about it is that ‘Auto’ is to be regarded as ‘Off’. So it’s a bit of a redundancy. If the pilot forgets to turn them on, they will go on anyway.

Of course… read on the internet… so if it’s true…? Only Airbus knows (and PZL104)!


Makes sense. Does the crew ever put the switch in off when they are powering everything off?

Depends on the operator maybe, anyway it’s a small detail. I flew for an operator never turned the nav lights OFF, another which does turns navs OFF during power down, and back ON first thing during power up…

Hey folks,
Didn’t want to start a new thread.
Sorry for hijacking. :smiley:

Had to land manually into EDDB last night.
Approach mode didn’t work for me anymore. Could follow the diamonds manually though.

Is it a general problem after SU5? Could only do this one flight, took my hours to get the sim running after various CTDs…

I’m livestreaming into YPAD right now. I’ll know the answer to your question when I’m on approach.

Cool mate, let’s see how it goes.
Btw. I forgot: Using Navigraph data, this ‘might’ be an issue.

But let’s see how your landing goes first. :wink:

This is an issue indeed. I had to reinstall the data too.

Good to know. I’ll uninstall and will enter the frequency manually on my next flight.

Feel free to watch if you want… :grin:

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Why are you at mach .568 though? And try pressing the open climb for the aircraft to level off at 390 (pulling the altitude knob instead of pushing). It’s perhaps currently lacking power, try adjusting to M.83/82 too.

And you can cancel the altitude level off beep by pressing the master caution/warning or any of the other buttons there, I think it’s a round one, but just try pressing 'm all to block any potential migraine. :wink:

Had the exact same prob yesterday at 27000 feet.
It seems to be a bug in live weather.

Could put her into TOGA, didn’t do anything.

He was doing M.78 a few minutes ago.

EDIT: It is! Look at the TAT!

Ah d*amned bugs. Winds at 11 knots at FL390 doesn’t sound very healthy either.

What actually has been fixed during the downdate? Haha.

Yeah… it’s a bit of a bug fest.
Good if you’re into a healthy protein boost. :rofl: