Fbw320nx issues dev version

I’ve got the latest dev. verion by the installer but i noticed some issues during my last flight.

  1. In the external view the flaps settings graphic stay up whatever flap setting you choose. You can clearly see that it works on the plane, but the graphic won’t change.
    Same for qnh and altitude blue graphics by the way…

  2. AP and autothrottle work of and on. I had to decent to 9000ft, but although both were on it kept decending. Also ascending it just wouldn’t keep the selected altitude and speeds were then upwards of 290 then almost in stall speed… Tested 2 flights and in both the altitude and speed with AP and AT on just wouldnt work

When selecting decent or climb have pushed the knob in to get managed response ? And is the throttle in climb mode

Yes. All that is done.

First time i really had trouble with the fbw a320.
Todays update fixed my AP/AT problems, exept the external view modus where i noticed that also height and QNH arent accurate.