FD not following approach + turn back issue + random PPOS + poor ATC - HELP!

I’m really beginning to develop a love/hate relationship with this game. For someone who spent >£1k buying a spec PC and deluxe version of MSFS i’m really beginning to regret it now. This game is absolutely riddled with issues. This is my most frustrating one right now:

I’m flying the FBW A320 (stable version) and always seem to have issues with the approach. In the last few days the plane will decide to enter PPOS as i approach the airport, rather than continue to follow the nav line to waypoints on the approach path. This seems to be new behaviour, but as i’m not that experienced can anyone tell me if this is expected. From what i can Google it seems this might be a hold? I just DIR to the next waypoint to get out of the situation…

But then when I DIR to the waypoint (I normally target the initial fix waypoint) the plane then wants to take me back to the first waypoint in the entire flight as soon as i’ve passed it…

So i activate APPR mode as i can get the loc and g/s. This puts the plane back on track to land but…

Now the ATC doesn’t pass over to the tower. So i’ve had two flights where i’ve either landed without clearance just to end the miserable flight, or cancelled IFR and returned manually through the game’s ATC dialog box. I appreciate i could probably tune tower manually but there’s not a lot of time along with everything else when i’m on final fix.

Is anyone else experiencing anything remotely like this? I’m at my wits end. Can anyone tell me if i’m doing anything wrong, possibly with setup? Note I have been inputting data in the MCDU > PERF > APPR page from the metar printout which i haven’t been doing before these issues. Not sure how any of this would cause the affects i’m seeing though.

I believe the turnback to an earlier waypoint is a bug that’s been around seemingly forever. But this is the worst it’s been for me. Is it still not fixed?

Any advice welcome. Note I am a relatively novice sim pilot.

Hello @BlaringWings208 .

I can not tell you for sure without seeing a video of the problem, but it sounds like you are experiencing typical default flight planner issues and atc bugs. So I do not think this is pilot error.

Assuming I would be correct, I can not provide help on the ATC issues and can only recommend to either not use it, or use 3rd party solutions, if it turns out to be unusable for your purpose. Regarding the FBW A320 (stable version), I would recommend to try the FBW A320 (experimental version) instead, as it replaces the default flight planner with a custom one, that should hopefully eleminate major bugs.

As this topic is not specifically describing a single core sim bug, your issue was moved to #student-pilots:basic-gameplay-help .

You do nothing wrong. ATC is broken sometimes and the turn around bug in the flight planner is common. Maybe set the correct approach at the beginning of the flight - dont wait for ATC to tell you. Then check if the flightplan leads you to the localizer track. Sometimes you have to dial in the ILS frequencies manually.

As above said… use the development version rather due to the FBW installer. Its more stable than experimental though.

Title of thread is a recap of MSFS features.
Nothing wrong on your side, we just have to wait and hope. SU6 at the end of October is supposed to fix the flyback bug on approach at least, we will see.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried all variations of how and when to set approach. I’ve done it through the flight planner before the flight and leave it. I’ve done it in the MCDU during start up procedures and flight plan check. I’ve also gone through Simbrief, imported the plan through AOC Menu linkage and then added the approach in MCDU during start up (I read that Simbrief plans don’t import SIDs or STARs, so assumed approaches would be off as well). They all invariably screw up at some point in the flight.

I forgot another big gripe is that adjusting anything to the approach in the MCDU after take-off will request a new IFR clearance through ATC. ATC then comes back with nonsense altitude directions which conflict with previous instructions!! Argh!!!

Will give the development version of FBW a go. Thanks.


Not sure why they don’t promote these features with each new WU release video! Fingers crossed for SU6 but my expectations couldn’t be lower.

We have lost the faith I guess :frowning:
A fix for the flyback bug looks like a miracle to me, after more than one year fighting with the a/p… I too can’t wait for SU6 release but I am afraid I will be disappointed.