FDS MCDU and FBW A32X Help Needed!

Hi There ,

I need help to bring my FDS MCDU with A32X to life :slight_smile:

FDS .dll and FBW api exist , but I do t know how to bring communicate .

I don’t know it’s possible with FSUIPC or simconnect or Wasm .

Mobiflight didn’t work due the FDS board dint work with them.

So it mus programmed an Addon with the FDS.dll

To communicate with .

So I search an Programmer to to this with me :slight_smile:

And share this to other User



Are you talking about Flight Deck Solutions? Their hardware cockpit devices do not yet work with MSFS. But according to their page they are working on it. You will have to contact them, I guess

Ive been in Contact with Mr.Cos from FDS. That is what i become per Mail

" Hi Sven,
Sorry to say I have not used MS2020 yet and have only seen a “connector” program for X-Plane with Flight Factor A320 Ultimate.

Our focus on MS2020 will start once MS provides a proper SDK and also allows for multiple out the window setups using warping and blending software. Something that is available with P3D and XP.

There is a protocol document and an Emulator you can test with if you have any programming experience.

#So it must be possible with this to write an Mod to connect this parts via WASM or Simconnect …

But i have no programming experience in this, so i ask :slight_smile:

Hi Sven,

I am working on the MSFS solution for the FDS hardware which use Tekworx boards.

Please contact me via private message for more information.