Feather Command

Hello - I have the prop lever assigned to an axis on my hotas and it works fine, however the lowest axis setting only drops the prop lever to right above feather.

What is the keyboard command to get prop to enter feather? I can do it with mouse but want to assign to HOTAS. Thanks

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Yes, I think we need a second type of axis that has a “reverse” part like throttle. We can then set the “Neutral” point, and further aft than that point would be into Feather. There is only a single axis for Prop1/2/3/4 at the moment.

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yes that too. but i was wondering if at the moment there’s at least a simple keyboard button press that will lower the prop into feather

I know there are SimConnect events you can use to do it, but I believe there are commands you could bind to do this. I don’t remember one to go to full feather, but there are increment/decrement ones.

I played around with getting it to work with SPAD, but I just could not get it to map the entire axis that you can use when moving the levers with the mouse. It was pretty frustrating. :wink:

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I don’t think there is a command assigned to feather by default. You need to assign a command to do this; look for “Toggle Propeller Reverse Thrust”.

Similarly, the beta range can be accessed by assigning a button to the “Throttle Reverse Thrust” command.

Disclaimer: I may have confused some terms.

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