[FEEDBACK] DX11 needs to go

Hi Asobo,

Thank you for creating this amazing flight simulator. Never before has VFR flying been possible until MSFS came along. I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.

That being said, DX11 needs to go. Your wonderful world is limited by modem CPU that just can’t keep up with the numbers of draw calls required to drive high end card at higher resolution. If you are an owner of a RTX 2080 or 2080Ti, you know what I am talking about. The mainthread 100% usage is preventing my GPU to be utilized at the maximum of it’s capacity.

MSFS needs DX12 and DLSS. I hope this is on your roadmap sooner than later because I don’t think any CPU in the near future will be able to keep up with the demand of your application. This problem will be even worst once the RTX 3000 series comes out this year. It will be a waste of power.


What about a VULKAN render implementation… that would be very nice…


I don’t know how feasible this sort of thing is, but I definitely agree that we have engine issues here, and this will only get more pronounced over time. Throwing more CPU power at it is going to be a very inefficient and expensive way of gaining performance, like we’ve seen with FSX.

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never gonna happen…

I have to agree…! What we are seeing is not normal; the extremes are very low most people getting between 15-60fps; in other games you would have much greater extremes 15-140+fps…

Something weird has to be happening for that behaviour to be seen; it’s clearly an optimization issue. I really do hope we see DX12 ultimate with DSLL, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon; they will probably focus on trying to solve the problems DX11 is having.

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I do have to agree with this and it would benefit us all if they based it upon DX12 Ultimate which would also make it compatible with the upcoming Xbox console.

Although it has to be said that they have managed to squeeze a lot out of DX11 to get the visuals up to date in this release. However the performance would make a pretty big jump with DX12 Ultimate.

Vulkan sadly won’t happen as it’s not a Microsoft thing.

/ Magnus


Would be nice, think it is in the plans at the last video talk.

I think the standard settings were a priority for the variants of cards and Nvidia optimizations for RTX cards will be later.

Have a filling that will be in the fall after the series X release.

I have to say I was a bit surprised that a Microsoft game launched without DX12 in 2020. Apparently it was said that 12 wasn’t around at the start of development but that would mean dev started more than five years ago. You’d think there might be more priority on supporting their own API on such a high profile title.

Third party devs have been implementing it for for awhile and with much shorter dev time. Here’s hoping it’s at least on the top of the list. Not saying these things are easy but just seems odd.


This game would benefit heavily from Sampler Feedback, VRS, Mesh Shading and DirectStorage.

Hope DLSS will come too!

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Hey look, someone heard somewhere something called vulcan should be good somehow. Great to make a suggestion, when you knowing obviously nothing about that topic! Vulcan is the competitor of Microsofts DirectX api… so never happens and not needed. DirectX12 is the leading api and really good for multithreaded workloads. Really great that everyone can add to the noise here, have to be nice to know a thing?!

In my case, my i7 CPU isnt really being taxed particularly hard but my 1080ti graphics card is being hammered, basically constantly at 98% usage. That said, it still looks great. I can run High settings, sometimes Ultra settings depending on the environment (NYC struggles even on high).

So, in order to run on the soon to be released Xbox console, the entire game needs to be ported over to DX12? Is this correct?

Vulkan is never going to happen, i know that believe me, but it’s far superior than DX11.

Its certainly very good on XP. It takes a while to load the shaders but its as smooth as silk flying Helis with that engine, just lovely. Hopefully DX12 will offer something every bit as compelling.

DX12 can run DX11, DX10 and DX9 etc, how do you think DX11, DX10 and DX9 etc games run on a DX12 OS like Windows 10, by DX12 being back-compatible, the same should be true of a DX12 based console.

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Yes – makes total sense. Was thinking maybe DX12 port may be necessary in order to get MSFS2020 to run reasonably well on console hardware. Thanks for your reply.

Exactly my thoughts. I do believe dx12 is bound to happen since they plan on releasing msfs on Xbox series X too which is native dx12 ultimate app.

Asobo please give us DX12.