Feedback/Input regarding integrated AI Traffic-tool (Q&A-Topic 26th May 2021)

Hey Guys,

some of you requested in the last Q&A a flightplanning tool for AI Trafficand Jörg said he wanted to talk with AIG about it as well ;D So i would like to prepar some stuff I can give Jörg when we talk (i hope soon), but I have 0 idea of what you guys want actual to have in such a tool (I guess the tools we have at AIG are far to advanced for the normal user here^^), so it would be nice to get some feedback on this.

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this request was not about OCI or anything else. It was about an internal flightplan editor in MSFS to add/create your own offline flightplans
I used to use this with FSX. I suggest the customization of flight plans offered here would be a good start.

Maybe im not the target group for this but i would rather have a complete solution that not necessarily has to be in the sim.

If they really want to implemet it, it should just provide a feature to read any Model/Plane installed in the sim to select and attach a ARR/DEP airport with a defined departure time.

But honestly, i see this as „wasted resources“. ASOBO should focus on the core Sim and you and other 3rd party should focus on your work.
Its more important to give 3rd parties the ability to even develop proper AI traffic instead of trying to it themself.


Don’t forget that Asobo also has to deal with the Xbox version. If they would give everything to 3rd parties on PC the console version would stay “empty” forever.

thats the reason I would like to offer an option that can be added into both versions as well

Not sure why something like that should be part of the core Sim. The only thing I would ask from MS/Asobo would be, please use an open standard for AI flight plans and let us deal with them. That’s all the world needs IMHO.

AIFP has been around for ages and is by far the best tool to create and modify AI flightplans. If it’s far too advanced for the average simmer, then someone may design a new, simplified version. That’s what the open standard helps with.

If we ask for more, we complicate things, they move on and we get nothing.


fully agree here.

The question will be mostlike do we want to keep the outdated AITraffic-BGL format or move to something more advanced

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I believe you are far more experienced than most people here to say and document where the current BGL format has gaps, is outdated, is missing key features, flags, whatever… I trust you :slight_smile: :+1:


actual AIG has developed a far more advanced/open format that can be adjusted int he fureture without loosing compability to older versions of the same format (not like FS9 and FSX files in FSX…). The only problem currently would be that the format is not readable by MSFS.

Let’s talk to Jorg then :star_struck: we’ll make it happen :sunglasses:

Well there still could be a marketplace addon that provides an “out of the box” schedule that is more realistic than the current AI traffic situation. With some more generic models, maybe liveries, like a preset.
And for the PC the same data could then be generated by third party applications, going more into detail, using non-generic aircraft etc.

I really doubt someone will start entering all that stuff on the XBox, so if it could benefit from anything in this, it would be basically a preset, maybe a few variations (like with GA, without GA).

What would be really important to me is to have a proper model- and livery-matching (same for VATSIM etc.) and to allow the users to raise the number of visible aircraft.
Currently, the AI traffic is able to draw contrails, but you’ll almost never see them when flying at lower altitudes since the sim renders close by GA aircraft with higher priority while the skies are empty.

I agree that an in-game traffic planner is a waste of resources.
I doubt it’ll get better than existing tools, and I don’t really want to run the heavy MSFS exe just to create flightplans?

If the question is about what the previous BGL format is missing, I am indeed not as knowledged about it as you guys, but maybe things like these:

  • schedule a taxi from gate to parking and visa versa
  • schedule GA to take off from an airport, fly a random pattern for a predefined time and land at the same airport again? I guess the old system only allows for either direct airport to airport, or the shortest possible circle back to the initial airport?

I guess there are a number of things like this, but besides setting up commercial regular schedules I have no knowledge of AIFP / the BGL format.

Also, I don’t know if this is related, or rather belongs to airports. But it’d be awesome to mark terminals/gates/stands as national / international / schengen, instead of only being able to tag them with airline codes.

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