Feedback on the New Marketplace Experience


Are the filters in the Map View under the Airports Tab working? They do not seem to filter the elements on the Map here.

Also, I feel in terms of user experience, there are some improvements that could be made as I suggest in this screen capture (notes).


In the old marketplace it was very easy to find new airports and aircrafts recently added.
I find the new marketplace so confusing to find something there…


I don’t like it. I’m always shopping for stuff on sale.

Prior to this up update you had an ALL option, so I could see on one screen everything that was on sale.

Now I have to one at a time go into Featured, Aircraft, Airports, World and Activities and in each case ask to see what is on sale.

Prior to this upgrade I could do it in one easy to use ALL features and select Sales and Ratings at once and see everything that I wanted to see with a ratings above 4.

I now have to do that five times.

Certainly forgot to all the ALL Category!


Yes I think things got a little bit complicated here. The map should be an optional display option for scenery and airports.


The new menu is clunky. You have to click aircraft, then click each aircraft category, then scroll left to see them all. The old way you could see much more on the screen with fewer clicks. The newer system might be great if there were a bunch of things to purchase and probably makes more sense for airports and scenery but at the pace new aircraft are added to the market place, it’s pointless to have to go through so many menus just to see a category with three jets on the screen.


It was much easier in the old Marketplace to find what you were looking for. It’s too complicated now imo

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This is obviously a joke but I wish the SDK would allow us to customize the GUI of MSFS.

This is what I do for a living so I would have been the first to work on a mod :stuck_out_tongue:

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