[FeelThere] - EDDF Frankfurt Airport

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Looking forward to this one.

Doesn’t look better than the Asobo handcrafted one. Textures actually look horrible imho


Probably not but we dont all have the Asobo hand crafted one. I will wait for the official release and reviews before deciding if its worth getting or not, the textures may still be a work in progress.

I hope so. But based on reviews of Feelthere’s KLAX, I have a feeling this is it.

That’s feelthere for you mediocre products at best. I have one their scenery and the quality is nowhere near top devs.

I am waiting for high-level detail version of EDDF by Aviotek Simulation:


That’s a shame. Thanks for the heads up.

Will definitely not buy this scenery. I‘ve been waiting for a good version of EDDF for a long while, but this is disappointing.

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I decided to give it a try on my free weekend because I am impatiently waiting for a scenery for EDDF. I did not expect very much for 9,95€ (JustFlight shop), however I am totally disappointed, not by the missing original buildings, missing taxiway signs and paintings,
or the awful textures in general, but by the overall quality of the scenery. My Pc is having a hard time to even load the scenery, I get pop-ins, scenery loading in one after another, some scenery doesnt load at all, which results in what you can see in the pictures. I have never experienced this with any other 3rd party airport scenery.


Bought Brussels, thats an amazing airport!


Thanks for the warning! I have never had a good feeling about FeelThere when it comes to scenery. Now their E175- not too bad.

Do you have any other scenery in your community folder that could be conflicting and causing the other scenery to bleed through?

I would clear out your community folder apart from this addon and see if it makes a difference.

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Do you maybe have the Premium Asobo EDDF installed?

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No I have standard edition

I have of course tried with empty community folder, to no avail… scenery is faulty…

is Brussels already on the Marketplace ? I mean from Feelthere ( or was it Aerosoft??) I already have the one from Justsim, which is very nice though

No its aerosoft but it is really the best airport O have seen sofar. Amazing quality!!

I dont own Brussels but Aerosofts Cologne/Bonn EDDK and Berlin EDDB and they are 2 of the best addon airports I have

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what’s wrong with the Asobo EDDF that comes with the Game (Premium or Deluxe Edition, I think) ?

I find, it’s quite ok :+1: