FeelThere releases KRDU Raleigh Durham International

[KRDU] Raleigh Durham International Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator - FeelThere.com

Looks great! I fly out of KRDU often and this is one I need to add to my downloads for sure.

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I wonder if I could talk them into driving an hour west to KGSO…

Boy, this release hasn’t gotten much discussion on here. Has anyone tried it? Does it suck?

I picked it up, it’s great. It also fixed the issue with the bumps in some of the taxiways on the GA side of the field. Also has some nice terminal 2 interior views .

That’s is great to hear. I fly out of there regularly. Thanks.

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There’s an issue with the airport in Raleigh when you go over the bridge to the runway its all deformed and you have to throttle way up to go over the bumps and potholes

Are you talking about the stock airport or the payware addon?

Does anyone know if the FeelThere KRDU is compatible with SU5?

I just purchased it today from SimMarket and it appears to be broken by SU5. I have a support ticket out, so hopefully, I will hear something soon. Meanwhile, I would recommend any potential purchasers hold off on buying.


Thank you!
Please let us know when a fix arrives for you. There appears to be precious little public info on this from SimMarket as well as FeelThere so your help is greatly appreciated.

Will do. I have a ticket open, but all I’ve heard is that they have passed the info on to the development team. My experience was that the interior elevations were all messed up (tops of the departure lounge benches were at floor level, with the seats below). Also the gates (which are default) were broken.