Fenix A320+13900K Performance?

Im curious to know from anybody that is using a 13900K is getting in performance with the Fenix A320?

Can you post your results?

Looking to see mainly what results are in 4K with Ultra preset, DX11 and TAA. No DLSS or frame generation. Just native. Also, while sitting inside cockpit with engines running and on runway 25R KLAX with clear weather at 4PM time.

I know these are picky request, but just want to make sure scenarios are same.

Hey! there. I’m currently using Intel i9 13900k with a 3080ti DDR5 at 5800MHz and im getting around mid 60s in cities without photometry . pre set to ultra TLOD 200 OLOD 200 . when i fly to KLAX with traffic I get around 45 and at times 50s , i have set the Screens from the fenix app to quality and rendering it with the iGPU , im still testing because i can feel a little but stutteting with igpu over the CPU but id say it works fantastic , i had a 11700k and i wasnt able to have TLOD to 200 id get low 30s at landing in dense cities.

Anyone got any figures on what the fps would be in above scenario in VR?