Fenix A320 problem with navigraph

I can not connect to navigraph from the ipad of the fenix A320. I can connect on MSFS. I don´t know what I am doing wrong.

please report this in the Navigraph forum - the chance to get a clear answer is higher as here.

Thank you very much,

PS: you can than post the solution here, if you want :wink:

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There is also a tutorial here;

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Thank you. I resolve the problem.

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Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft which is more appropriate :+1:

Was it pilot error?

Fenix A320 problem with ipad and Navigraph

… and what problem do you now have exactly? Do you have a Ultimate subscription, which contains the charts?


Have you linked the account in the Settings app? As the pop up suggests?

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I have not linked the account in the settings app, but ¿where is the app to do the link?

I see the tutorial and find the solution. Thank you all.