Fenix A320 Takeoff


Things a beast!! :muscle: :muscle:

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It certainly is!

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Nicely on centerline! (with the main gear :joy:).


When it enters the runway it sounds exactly like the F18 in DCS during a carrier recovery when you spool up and down to get the flight path marker onto the deck :rofl: 1:1 same sound xD

Naah, don‘t worry, judt kidding. But it‘s true!!! :smiley:

Wow the flight physics looks awesome, comparable to the PSS777!

Finally a plane that does not begin to fly on it´s own @130 knots without even pulling the nose up, but some good solid realistic flight dynamics and really being in need of pull up to ascend. :slight_smile:

I loved such realistic flight dynamics on the Aerosoft CRJ too.

Absolutely beautiful! The sound of the engines spooling up is fantastic!

As an Xbox user, I’m hoping we can get this after SU10. I’ve seen posts for and against whether it will be coming.

I’d love to go out and buy a gaming pc so I can take advantage of these add-ons, but I’m really struggling with being able to justify the cost for only one game.

Sounds like your other aircraft behave like airplanes do and the Fenix does not?

Just don’t call it a PC for one game… call it a simpit and you’re free to go :smiley:


Its worth it though!!

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I’ve already got one hobby that’s a moneypit! :joy:

No, but other planes just start to fly on their own without pulling the nose up and without giving some flaps out.
The Fenix Airbus needs to be pulled up between V1 and rotate to start to fly. I like that! The last birds that did this - having realistic flight behaviour and rolling along the runway while having their nose pulled up before taking-off was the PSS777 and the CRJ-700. One can really feel the (simulated) weight of the full tanks and the cargo rooms :slight_smile: