Fenix A320 Throttles not responding

I’m using Thrustmaster throttle quadrant and now suddenly my throttle isn’t responding at all. I have been able to fly few flights with this Fenix aircraft but now throttles are not rensponding. I have updated the Fenix aircraft and done some changes in settings. Any ideas?

Ihad the same. And found three possible solutions:

  1. calibration was lost. Solution: re-calibrate via Fenix MCDU
  2. Axis Asignment in MSFS got lost. Solution: make sure the Throttle is not Assignes to the "(0-100%) Axis, but the other one (Detailed article on this from FENIX as well as You-Tube tutorial)
  3. USB connection got buggy. remove USB and reconnect it.

Hope one of this is helping you as well.

Also check you haven’t got something else mapped to throttle - for example if your stick has a throttle slider.

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I did these yesterday but nothing happened. Now I did these again and it works. Thank you! :slight_smile:

My experience w/Bravo Throttle Quadrant and Fenix a320 has been very buggy.
Once I got the throttle’s all worked out, they completely stop working should I escape out for any reason.
Resume = no throttles. I emailed Fenix support about it, have yet to get a response on that issue. In their defense, I replied to the support email they did answer about how to calibrate the throttles. I spend more time configuring stuff and tweaking stuff than I do flying stuff and I have 101 flight hours. LOL I guess that’s just the adventures of flight simming. :slight_smile:

aviator pike did you find a solution for your (my problem) problem.