Fenix A320 V2 simbrief airframe


I had a question for those using the Fenix A320 V2 that was released recently. I use simbrief for flight planning as I’m sure many others do as well. I noticed on the Fenix discord they pushed out a new airframe to be used on simbreif as well considering the PAX is now 180.

I deleted the old airframes so nothing got mixed up and downloaded the one released on discord. When I generate a flight I get a warning at the top of the FP that says * PAYLOAD/CARGO LIMITED BY MZF*

Then there is an orange “!” Symbol next to the cargo weight box.

Is this expected because it’s technically the same airframe but there is just more weight given 180 instead of the old 162 PAX. Or is there a weight limit that needs to be updated in the airframe

This was a full flight of 180 as well so assuming it has to do with the extra PAX weight?

There as no need to download anything for Simbrief, delete any custom / downloaded profiles and just use the stock one, it was updated.

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I’ll delete it and use the one that’s with simbreief! Thank you

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It happens because assumed passenger weight in their profile is 80kg and cabin baggage 15kg, while in reality it’s 76.3+7.7kg. At least in Europe.

With cabin full of people your take off weight TOW is too big and you need to reduce cargo, like checking-in baggage. It happens in real life too.

The current FAA standards, which are based on data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have established that the average weight for an adult passenger plus carry-on luggage is 190 pounds in the summer and 195 pounds (88kg) in the winter

Air New Zealand Is Now Weighing Passengers. Here’s Why. - AFAR

The 2021-22 survey concludes that the mean value of all passengers is 76.3 kg. The carry-on weight is on average 7.7 kg. So, the mean passenger weight for adults plus the carry-on luggage is 84.0 kg.

EASA review of standard passenger weights in 2022 shows no significant change | EASA (europa.eu)

There is no need to delete Fenix profile, just reduce passenger and luggage weight.