Fenix A320 VR problems

Does anyone else have massive frame rate drop out with this aircraft in VR? I have asked a couple of questions on the general aircraft thread but not really go any answers as its specific to VR.

Basically 95% of the time I load the aircraft into the sim the framerate drops to probably about 5 FPS when you enter the cockpit, stuttering everywhere but 5% of the time its perfect and flies stutter free even in heavy scenery.

I have messed with all the fenix settings like render the screens on the CPU , balanced/performance etc and it doesn’t make a jot of difference.

Even if you get it stutter free inside the cockpit if you go to the outside view and then back to the cockpit view the stutter comes back, if you go to the outside view again its stutter free. Every other aircraft including the FBW and PMDG 737 are fine 100% of the time so it can only be the fenix aircraft causing the problems.

Its really annoying because I want to fly this more than the others as I like realism, and I’ve just got the TCA captains pack.

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Ok to be fair to Fenix this could be partly to do with me, I realised that a while ago I did a cockpit mod to the fenix which I removed shortly after as it wasn’t very good but I suddenly remembered as well as putting the mod in the community folder I also altered one of the actual Fenix files as well, I’ve done a complete reinstall of the original aircraft and it is now a lot better.
Its not perfect and is still very frame heavy compared to other aircraft but at least its flyable now.

I am having terrible stutters and flashes in VR (Oculus Quest 2), it`s almost impossible to play, and in Fenix A320 is worse than ever.