Fenix vs. FBW Spad Programming Comparsion

I have been flying FBW 320 for a year now, and programmed almost every switch and dial in the cockpit with Spad. I recently bought the Fenix and found it to be initially more complicated to program with Spad. The FBW team made it real easy.

I’d like to try out the Fenix, but know I won’t fly it if stuck using mouse a lot. Example, the external power switch LVAR’s seem overly complicated and not easy to identify in Spad? Is this just the nature of the Fenix 320? I’d like to do RNAV RNP approaches and FBW is still working on it. I’ll wait patiently if the Fenix is tough to figure out Spad wise.

I expected given it cost $50 bucks programming hardware would have been a breeze! What experiences have y’all had with Spad and these two A320’s?

Hello OceansCoast1,
I am sending you a link of someone that does a great job and also has templates created. I have used him for the Multi-panel setups. Guides and Videos - SPAD.neXt

I hope this helps.

Thanks so much for your help!