Fiat G91 Engine Flameout After Some Minutes

My Fiat G91 by Skunk Works flames out some minutes after take off. All the flights are started by selecting the aircraft, airport and runway when MSFS starts, so the engine is already running before takeoff. Fuel is set to full capacity. What have I omitted?

Just discovered that the Fiat G91G’s typical operating radius is 170 miles with a loiter time of 10 minutes. So if my flight lasted 28 minutes before fuel exhaustion that is acceptable. Need the drop tanks to fly further.

While the G91 does start on the runway a number of its systems require interaction before take-off in order to fly properly.

Haven’t checked with the G91 but with the MB-339 fuel mix control binding on my hotas does have an effect on fuel/throttle control. - it seems to act as a throttle fuel cut off if I left it at 0% this might be the same in the G91?

The effect in the MB-339 has been the same though…scrambling to fault find the issue and restart engine while losing altitude. (actually quite fun)
This won’t be true if you simply ran out of fuel though…

Max range around 620 nautical miles on internal fuel. A combat radius of 170 miles is very “on the safe side,” it seems.