Fight plan for the Alps small airports

Does someone have a PLN that travels through the small strips present in the alps? Want to try to join all of them (well maybe not all) with a STOL. Couldn’t find any already made route. If no one’s ever done anything like that I’m going to do it.

I’m thinking about Courchevel and the airstrips around it. It’s all an adventure to take off from Courchevel, fly across the mountain behind it - Dent de Burgin-, then go down and land there, I think it is LFKX.

Thanks in advance and good flights!

There might be something of use in here

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Your starting place should definitely be Megeve, then Courchevel and slowly work your way down to Nice, finish with a loop around the famous peak of Cime de la Bonnette (you can see the road loop around the top of it). Maybe also try with a helicopter then you can stop at smaller towns like Risoul and Auron. You can also loop over to Cuneo.

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Just wanted to keep an update on this. Had to travel because of work (travel in real life) so I’m not on the computer, but as soon as I get back I’ll try to make a viable PLN and upload it here.

Someone knows if some special tool is used to do things like the Canada community flight from a few weeks ago? Perhaps it would be nice to add an actual route from airport to airport, but not sure what’s the easiest tool for that

Also, is there any way to make a several airports flight? As far as I’ve seen, you can add waypoints but not airports for actual stops. Like a PLN with all the legs in.

I’ve guessed that probably it isn’t possible because IRL I believe you could not make it either in something like a Garmin, but in any case better to ask than doing it wrong.


Well, I made a flight plan, and it’s so long that I decided to convert it to a BushTrip, with the help of Little Navmap and BushTripInjector.

Currently it passes through the following airports (in order): LFHM (Megeve, took your advice), LFKA (Albertville), LFKR (Saint Remy De Maurienne), LFLG (Le Versoud), LFKE (Saint-Jean-en-Royans), LFJF (Aubenasson), LFJE (Chalancon), LFTG (Grand Terrus), LFNY (St. Étienne en Dévoluy), LFPS (Notre Dame de la Salette), LFNC (Saint Crepin), LFHU (L’Alpe D’Huez), LFVO (Valloire Bonnenuit), LFK (Méribel), LFLJ (Courchevel), LFTY (Vers Le Col du Palet), LIMW (Aosta), and ends in LFHZ (Mont Blanc).

It’s kinda demanding on the plane so I chose the NXCub, but perhaps I’ll go with the Pilatus TurboPorter because its excellent performance at STOL and altitude).

I’ve tested a first version and it all goes fine. I only need to write up all the waypoints texts and add some nice 3D images, which is not that easy because there are 165 waypoints.

All of the legs are very short except the last one which is particularly long because it takes a tour around Mont Blanc, so it’s like a 90min flight.

As soon as I have it completed, I’ll share it for everyone who wants to make the trip landing at very difficult strips (altiports) and enjoys viewing magnificent mountains.


PS: of course, if there’s anything you’d like to make me add, I’ll add it to the bush trip.


You might want to add Altiporto Chamois it’s located in Valtournenche down the valley from the Matterhorn on the Italian side ( a short flight from LIMW). A Porter can get in and out. It’s available on flight

Changes several things and made a new version. I almost have a finished version, it’s 17 legs and about 40 waypoints. I decided to make it for a NX Cub because all the mountains look similar and making it full VFR is almost impossible.

I’m making the final comments on some relevant waypoints and including instructive info on the VFR plan about the regions. Currently it goes through all the known altiports of the region, passes through Zermatt/Matterhorn, turns around Mont Blanc over all the glaciers and finishes near where it starts (starts at Megeve and ends in Mont Blanc)

As soon as I have a V1 I’ll be publishing it for testing.

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Lovely, so many locations there I know from real life, just looked at your map and right in the middle Moûtiers. :slight_smile:

Now you just diverted me off looking at places I have been, Madame Vacances - Hôtel Courchevel Olympic was an interesting place to stay…

If everything goes fine I’ll upload a zip today or tomorrow for first tests and adjustments. It’s awesome that you’ve been there!

Alright, here it is. Any comment is more than welcomed! I’ll be uploading a definitive version after improvements from your comments.

Credits to @BuffyGC for developing BTI and all the help it has. I added Wiki descriptions to the places together with my comments on each waypoint.


Edit: just unzip into Community and it should show up in custom activities :slight_smile: