File update improvement, not to download all when files are not deleted


I had to reinstall Windows 10 fully since last updates (MSFS and Windows Update too)
So, I have to download tons of GB again with a simple connection :

What a waste of time when MSFS files where not deleted from a separate storage… and new install directory is the same, with all files I kept !
We dont have all a fiber connection you know ? :slight_smile:

So, could it be possible that MSFS download manager check files we have and dont download files we have yet but just ignore them, no need to download and overwrite ?


My Win10 path : C (disk0): (Cleared by Win10 reinstall)
My Steam path : D (disk1):\STEAM\ (not cleared but updated by reinstalling Steam)
My MSFS Steam path : G (disk4):\GAMES\MSFS2020_PACKAGES\ (Official, Community … ) (Not cleared)

If you save the Official\Packages folder from the last install you made, and point the new installation to those files, you will save time and data downloaded as it will recognize those files are still on your computer.

this is what I did…

It should have recognized it. Did you tell the installer where those files were located?

I’m guessing this is the MS-Store bought version. It works for any users who bought it from Steam.

yep, this is the point :man_shrugging:

I suspect it’s the MS-Store that’s the problem.