Filipino flight simmers

Looking to play with Filipino simmers here. Would love to go explore Philippines together. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do a lot of flying around the Philippines, but not extensive. Would like to do more.

I live in Cebu and do a lot of local “flying”.

We should fly together sometime

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Aha. Would be fun to fly sometime

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Tara na!

Yuuuun! Ano ba gamer tag mo hahaha

What hours do you generally fly around? I know it will not be exact each time, but kind of an average so I can get an idea what time frames we are aon.

To organize ourselves (flight simmers in the Philippines) for group flights, I created a Telegram channel and a Telegram group.

Please look “MSFS Group Flights Philippines” on Telegram.

Hopefully some of us can meet up on Telegram and we get to fly together. Would be fun!

Joined it👍

Anytime really. I’m on Xbox tho