Final part of River Visual RWY19 @ KDCA

Tried for first time the River Visual RWY19 at KDCA in MSFS this morning. Pretty nice approach with the CJ4. I bet it will be increasingly interesting as you move to bigger aircrafts.

The video is from the last part of the approach.


Flown both 01 and 19 approaches many times IRL as a passenger. Never get tired of it. What add-ons are you using?

Working Title mod for CJ4 DD (KDCA & Landmarks), Weather Force and FlightControlReplay for the replay.

What KDCA mod? Which Landmarks? I use the Washington area payware mod which does not include KDCA, but does include other major area airports. What was your weather setting, the waves looked good?

Both from Drzewiecki Design. 2 Differnet add ons. The weather was Live with REX Weather Force as i am always fly online with VATSIM with real weather.

Thanks for sharing.

Nice video! It’s one of the great approaches. As a teen in MD, we used to hang out at Gravely Point right on the final to RWY 19. Back then it was RWY 18 (magnetic variation changes). You fly over it at 2:10 in the video and airliners would be 100’ over your head.

You could get a lesson in fluid dynamics there, too. After most airliners would pass, within a few seconds, you would actually hear the vorticies generated by the passing plane. Really cool.

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Wow that looked amazing, thanks for sharing.