FinalLight Reshade preset : Realistic colors and tone fixes


I discovered this mod on this afternoon and I really like the result.

You may not like it, but I think it’s worth a try.

Try it at different times of the day and in different weather conditions.

I like it a lot

See you soon


Glad you like it bud, i tried my best to improve the colors of the sim.
It’s still not perfect but it’s a start :sweat_smile:


I have updated the addon for full DX12 support and possibly also VR support but as i don’t have a headset I can’t test this.

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I got Reshade working today and played around a bit. It doesn’t take a heavy hand to really improve the look of the sim. I think this looks pretty good.

Hi guys,

Due to reasons I have removed all my downloads from I hope people can understand this.
For those that still need the preset you can download it here:

The instructions page on should still be online, it just says file unavailable etc.


I could not install reshare as it requires to point to the sim placement etc.

Also does it affect performance?

it’s fully LUT based so it does a 0 fps impact.
Both the MS Store and Steam version works fine with Reshade.

also check this :

Thank you for the information but when I was installing the one you mention in the link, I could not locate gamelaunchhelper.exe on my PC. I could access MSFS installation and find the main .exe file but not the gamelaunchhelper.exe

I even did a search in my file explorer on all drives and could not find the mysterious gamelaunchhelper.exe :slight_smile:

Windows 11 here by the way and MSFS is not at the default location.


that file should only be on the msstore version, but u can also point to the flightsimulator.exe if that works.

I have the MS Store version, but when I select the flightsimulator.exe I get the permission error.

Weirdly I do not have the gamelaunchhelper.exe one and I could not find any hint of anyone with the MS Store version not having it.

And I never got any error related to it actually as I saw some reporting while googling the file name

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I don’t have the helper app either. Not sure if this matters but my install is on drive D and not C also.

Even if you Install your MSFS on another Drive than C your flightsim.exe and the gamelaunchhelper.exe could be still on drive C…

I have Installed my MSFS on Drive D but still the gamelaunchhelper.exe and flightsimulator.exe were on drive C in the following Path:

C:\XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content

So might worth a look.

Anyone here that uses the “official” Reshade in MSFS with DX12 and Windowed Mode?

Everytime since i installed reshade the official way if i then minimize the Sim and pull it back up the Sim crashes instandly.

Never had this happened before when using the .bat method for over a year…

I’m getting this with the latest Nvidia driver. To get around it I just disable reshade on startup/shutdown then reenable once I’m in the sim.

I have only installed MSFS once, when it first came out. I accepted the default location when I installed it.

When I search my computer for FlightSimulator.exe I get two results:



C:\XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content\FlightSimulator.exe

The first one in the list is a shortcut to the second one. You’ll have to root around to see it in Windows Explorer.

I have the MS Store edition, installed on another drive but My XBoxGames folder in the main C drive is empty:

MSFS on another drive with only the main FS .exe:

And all the file search I did for the gamelaunchhelper.exe on all drives could not find anything.

So I wonder if the XboxGames folder should have had some files installed back when I bought and installed MSFS (upon release). Yet I never had any error related to the game launch helper file (being missing)

The first one does not appear to be a shortcut, and neither does the second one. Shortcuts have a different icon in File Explorer and in the file properties there is a shortcut tab indicating the actual target location and an option to open the file location in File Explorer. This file does not have that.


This is what the properties of a shortcut look like:


Sorry. Not the file as a shortcut. It’s the folder or two above that.

If you can’t get it I’ll be home tomorrow and can share what I see in terms of just one set of files but the programfiles location is just a shortcut.


Is this your reshade installed correctly?