Finally fixed the runway light LOD issue and broke the taxiway lights

Since release, the runway light models have been bugged. They’ve looked like big yellow d*ldos, honestly. Those finally appear fixed, but now the blue taxiway lights look like that! It’s like they’re playing whack-a-mole with bugs.

This. Please. Most amazing graphics in a flight sim ever, but these lights look like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 1. I don’t understand how the Runway lights can be fixed while simultaneously destroying the taxi lights?!

Bump…This still appears to be an issue that kills immersion. The lights appear to be fine til you start to approach them, then they turn into this yellow monstrosity that’s been discussed on this forum. I’ll link another topic and provide a picture from that post for evidence.


Topic link: Airport Taxiway Lights - #6 by palwaukee

Bumping this as well. It is really annoying. I’ve done some testing and it appears the problem has to do with zoom. At 100% zoom levels they look fine:

At 80% zoom levels they start to look like ■■■■:

Finally, at 60% zoom levels (which is what I use normally), they look like a big yellow D*ldo as you so eloquently put it. haha:

Please fix this Asobo.

Yep, I agree, I have around 15,000 hours IRL and I have never seen taxiway lights this big anywhere…ever!

About half the size and off the taxiway please.

I’ve noticed that in VR the blue taxi lights are just large blue orbs compared to other airport lighting and they tend to bounce around slightly when moving your head. I think this might be the same LOD issue, but seen in VR. Other lighting is fine.

How can you fix the distance the taxiway lights are being drawn in at? They are like popping up as I go down the taxiway towards the runway…. Is this a setting?

I think this is a low priority bug rather than a setting.