Finally some news about a patch

Finally? Can’t we wait just two days anymore these days? I haven’t seen any impatience like this before in my life. Have to be honest: this is the first gaming forum I’ve ever been active in :wink: .
If I remember correctly this is actually the fastest ever patch.

Thanks Asobo, hopefully this patch will make the tone of this forum more positive again!

I hope that everyone here gets flying ASAP!
See you up there!


I will believe it when I see it. XBox and ASOBO happy. But after 11 months I’m deleting. They forgot about real fans of Flight sim. Good job I kept FSX on the computer at least it works.


Who said that? Can you substantiate your comment?

Wait two years for the development of MSFS2020
Wait many months for major bug fixes.
Wait more months for the update that supposed to fix all the previous update caused bugs.
Wait 4 hours to re-install the entire package due to “everything’s broken”.
Wait another 4 hours to re-install a second time in 2 days because “everything’s still broken”
Wait to finally get a plane off the ground using pure vanilla setup…Only to end a short flight with a CTD as I’m on short final.

Yeah, I need more patience. Thank you so much for putting it all in perspective.


Can anyone link to the mofderators post with this good news?



The same could be said about the devs. Have patience with releasing these update. Ditch the road map and release a stable update after thorough testing.


Always good to see these kind of “News” hiding in somewhere. Good Job.

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Well, I really wonder what a lot of community members would think of that!
Maybe I’m wrong, but my guess is that the forum would overflow with complaints from other people.
People must be very brave to take a job in the gaming industry. You’ll have to endure all kinds of negativity, whatever you do.

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Its a full on step backwards in my experience. I respect your opinion but you got to understand some people do not agree with you at all. And its not necessarily unwarranted criticism, its valuable feedback for Asobo, as its clear something went wrong somewhere.

I’m happy for Xbox, and i do not blame them the slightest before i start.

However on PC i went from a great looking game to something i barely recognize, Graphics are incredibly grainy, Pop-in is atrocious, Draw distance is about 1/10th that it was before - Not to mention they completely butchered the in-cockpit UI for KB+Mouse players, even on legacy its far from perfect.

Then when i first loaded up the game all my control binds got wiped out, and was forced to switch from a UI made for a controller back to “Legacy” which is some sort cheap imitation of what it was before.

Then i started having random CTD’s on the world map, and eventually i found out some buttons just do not work anymore in the cockpit. I’ve never had any issues with FS2020 in almost a year time up until SU5.

Its very obvious this Sim-Update is rushed out of the door to meet a deadline, And as it has been incredibly obvious they tried to make one version for two entirely different pieces of hardware, the Xbox and PC… and it just doesn’t work.

PC needs to keep the option of cranking the graphics up to 11, the max settings now are nowhere close to what it was before. Also PC should really revert back to the old in-cockpit UI primary, it just doesn’t make sense for the platform to go for this new UI that is clearly not made with KB+M in mind.

Xbox while a great platform is probably best off with this current version, but also shouldn’t suffer from the previous PC UI or Crazy Graphics settings (Previously) possible causing performance issues.

Edit: to be fair, i’ve never been rude about it, and i fully support the devs taking action against nasty people.


Hello :wink: Since the sim5 update all vehicles in the airports are invisible. When I ask for the food truck, I hear it, the back door opens but it’s invisible. This happens for all vehicles. At home too?


It’s only a step forward if we can fly enough to enjoy the sim as it’s supposed too.


If you’d not randomly put bug reports into discussion threads, people could help you much easier.
But you could check this thread:


I mean, I don’t condone anyone blatantly attacking others, and harrassment, e.g. cyber bullying should have 0 tolerance, that I agree with. But that was already a rule.

But this post, to me at least, reads like protecting the overly sensitive from pointed criticism. It’s namby pamby protection.

Why conflate inclusiveness with pointed criticism? This is a consumer product that people are paying well over a hundred dollars for - it’s not a kindergarten.

I’m not saying people should be allowed to spit vitriol, but there is a nessecary and collective benefit to attacking bad Ideas and beliefs.

But I get it. MS owns the forums. They can moderate how they see fit. C’est La Vie, right?


Releasing updates then a patch days or weeks later constantly doesn’t bold well neither


I agree that this is THE dilemma of software development and release :wink:

Hope the patch will solve the most urgent issues for you and others!


The way they announced a hot-fix shows how “well” this new update was welcomed by community. Never seen this with any previous updates and it speaks for itself.


i dont really care about the CTDs, the ground texture popping, the wierd ditthering and flickering, and even that the CRJ is knackered, just fix the live weather temps please for the love of god


I understand what you are saying but in software development it is this way nowadays. Release cycles increase and there is a lot of pressure on the devs. In a project big as this sim we users are testers somehow because it’s almost impossible to get all issues and side effects. I work in this business for a long time in a big team with a testing unit on dev and on customer side and still there are patches needed. That’s life :slight_smile: I hope that the dev team still stays open minded towards the community after all this bad stuff happening the last days. People here should be more patient. It’s a piece of entertainment software and no heart-lung machine.


Well… this is difficult. The posts that I participated in from problem to solution often times boiled down to third party incompatibility. Can we put that entirely on the shoulders of Asobo?
On the other hand. Something clearly is amiss, hence the patch.
But we don’t know at all if the emotions on the forum actually helped to push this forward. This could easily have originated in the beta group, or on Zendesk.
Probably not from all the emotional posts without any constructive information.

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