Policy on Name-calling, Harassment, and Threats

Hi all,

We have seen increasing reports on the forums this week of users lashing out at each other, threats made towards one another, and some general rudeness towards each other. Our moderators are trying their best to keep everyone on topic of the threads they are in and focused on the discussion at hand.

On the flip side, we’ve also seen some users who have been extremely helpful and welcoming for our new simmers, offering tips, advice, and general help to those who are seeking it.

Please - be the second type of person.

Because of this increase in reports, for the immediate future I will have a 0 tolerance policy for this kind of behavior and will be issuing 30-day silences without warning for anyone I see blatantly being rude to each other. There is absolutely a way to have a civil discussion about flight simulator without name-calling, baseless threats, or harassment.

Here is a small note of encouragement to those who made it to the end of this post - a hotfix for some major crashes and known issues is on its way! Thank you for your feedback from Day 1 and the team is working incredibly hard through any issues you have experienced.