Acknowledgement from the devs?

na mate im with you and theres no haha about it, £110 to microsoft might not even registar but to us it is a huge amount of money to part with, add the joystick and extra hardware most of us had to get it is a very serious amount of money so we are well within our right to get a little hacked off when 2 whole days later still nothing from them !

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If I had a $100 every time someone has said this over the past 11 months or so I’d be rich enough to hire my own team and do the ruddy thing properly myself!


Until the September update when the graphics took a nosedive and we had a similar situation as now. Some of those topics are still going strong with no resolution.

Looks like we may have finally had an official response about current issues, buried at the bottom of a post about abusive behaviour.

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Can you imagine being an xbox person and you decide to check out the forums? It’ll feel like a tornado hit them lol

For anyone that missed the “acknowledgment”…

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Love your positivity (truly)… and you’re always willing to listen, which is appreciative, versus just saying “oh you’re negative” or worst yet “I don’t see it, so you must be wrong”. This update clearly has a lot of issues just by seeing the amounts of “negative” threads and comments - may be the biggest amount of people on forums writing than I’ve ever seen. There are also several posts/threads of people LOVING the update.

That said, a lot of this would be somewhat minimized or helped if there was a bit more communication from MSFS. Hoping the weekly dev blog post will have some updates and some details. Communication always goes such a long way, especially with trust. Just my 2 cents.

Finally, I think someone said it best – there are those who love seeing higher FPS and then there are those who would rather see better visuals and more consistent visuals, which is what MSFS was known for, at least as I see it. It “seems” (literally this is just a guess from me, by no means meant as factual) that those with higher end rigs gaming in 4k ULTRA don’t see the update as “good” as those with mid-range or even lower-range rigs who sim in 1080p or 1440p seem to really appreciate the performance via FPS. If they can just find a balance between the two, this will go a long, long way.

There’s also a big experience difference with those who fly airliners vs those who fly GAs and I’m not an expert to fully understand why there’s a difference, but that’s just going based off the threads lately.

Outside of visuals, the constant CTDs and just random bugs, like the altitude and live weather bug that is so prevalent in this update, just have to get fixed.

UPDATE: it appears some hotfixes are on there way. Thanks @ForbidMite6 for the link!

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I know. I do feel badly for the newbies. Those who’ve been here since the beginning know it’s 2 steps forward, a step backwards, 3 steps forward, and so on and so forth. It’s been out just 2 days, we need to be patient (including myself)

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From the developers - a hotfix for some major crashes and known issues is on its way! Thank you for your feedback from Day 1 and the team is working incredibly hard through any issues you have experienced.

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You’re welcome. Not too impressed with it being buried below a post about moderating issues but I guess it’s better than nothing.


It truly feels like the first release again. I agree…i know I need to chill out. :grinning:

what post what post a wanna read :grin:

It took people getting mean in the forums to get an update from Asobo. LOL


I’ll summarise… “You’re such bad people” followed by “hotfix coming soon thx”

Edit - this post Policy on Name-calling, Harassment, and Threats


oh man…my first laugh of the day

funny that i dont remember microsoft having patients with me when i had to pay for the game, im sure i had to give them all or nothing to be able to purchase it, i dont remember them having patients with me and allowing me to pay on the monthly ?


lmao love how they bring a statement out that replies are disabled on :rofl:

please simmers…we know were taking your money off you and taking a massive D**P on your head, but can you all smile and be happy while we do it :rofl:


Agree - seems unlikely to hinder at this point. As long as people don’t jump on every nuance.

CTDs are clearly an issue - had 2 myself last night. Still experimenting with add-ons though.

Sliders to push the visuals - that’s the next thing that needs to come from Asobo. That’s what will prove their worth in terms of utlising the “FPS headroom” they’ve created with this (necessarily) xbox focused update.

EDIT - hotfix yay! Hopefully loading/stability and the altitude issues are up there

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well it worked because it certainly cheered me up :rofl:

Acknowledgement (read to bottom of full post)