Acknowledgement from the devs?

I have been lucky enough to have been involved in this Sim since the alpha. It really saddens me that there is very little in the way of positivity on the forums but rather a very long list of problems. There is clearly a significant issue with stability with this update especially for those using PC (although I see CTDs on xbox too). I am really surprised there has been no communication from Asobo that acknowledges there is a major problem and what they plan to do to get the Sim back to a semi stable condition.


Why? Very few other developers provide this kind of communication so why should Asobo be any different? The reason few do it is because the moment they say anything, it gets jumped on, ripped apart, or twisted out of all recognition by the vocal minority who love to create scandal wherever possible. Any hint of problem acknowledgement becomes an “admission” of foul play, any hint of a date is taken as hard fact and is either too far away or results in them being vilified if it’s missed, any hint that X or Y didn’t show in testing makes them all incompetent idiots, etc etc. They’re better off if they keep their mouths shut. Sure, people will complain about their silence, but how is that any worse than people ripping into them like they are already?

For the record, I haven’t been able to complete a single flight since the patch was released due to the issues introduced, so I know exactly where people are coming from. But worthless statements telling us what we already know (that the sim is broken) is not going to magically fix anything. I’d rather they put their time and effort into fixing the problems than sitting around here trying to defend themselves from the haters.


I think this update is pretty unique in terms of the volumes of issues introduced, in particular CTDs. I don’t know many AAA titles that constantly crash, do you?


Umm… how long have you been a gamer? 35 years here, and in that time there have been hundreds of games with issues just as serious, and more serious, than the ones we have here in MSFS. Hell, in the last decade alone there have probably been hundreds.

There is nothing “unique” about the situation this sim is in. I’m not saying it’s fine or even acceptable, but it’s certainly not unique. It’s the way the industry is these days, simple as that.


and there are a lot of people with no crashes(ofcourse the ai traffic needs a fix).


Yeah I hear you. Sti, I feel bad for users that are plagued by issues and stability problems. My point is, with such an active community management there would be some acknowledgement. I do believe this update is pretty unique regarding the number of problems generated.

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Well said! And you know they are hard at work trying to remedy all of the new issues.

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Hello Microsoft and Asabo,

please can you give us PC users a official stament what are you will tdo because of the update from 27.07.2021 what breaks the whole Flusi for PC users?
What are your plans for all the PC users who spend a lot of mony for a game we can’t use any more, since the update from 27.07.2021?!?!
Do you plan to roll the update back so that all the PC user can play again?

It is time for a offical statment for all the PC users, so don’t wast any more time and tell us what you will do to fix this 41 GB big BUG you send out at the 27.07.2021

Thank you!


Hello :slight_smile: what’s wrong with the update ?

I think you are a particular case because in my experience this update is a massive positive jump.

But don’t worry there will certainly have an update soon to fix all the bugs that some people like you can have with this update :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Same topic here:


Official statements don’t do much. Try to focus on an ISSUE and ask advice…

This is a support forum !

Yup, i agree, Asobo/Microsoft come on and FIX it, im mad because this is 100% because of Xbox, same server but not good enough for both PC and Xbox.
i have not have a single CTD from the very start, but now, CTD every time i click Fly, and by the way, now i have the Stucked download loop.

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I’m finding it more stable than ever, certainly the smoothest update since release.


Thats what i also want, i have always had a stable sim, from release. and no, im not going back to xplane, if i cant get msfs to work i will just quit flight sim and instead go over to Sim racing.


At least you’re all able to fly. Only way I can fly is by plugging my computer directly into my cable modem and not going through my Tenda ac9 router. I’ve been playing since release and never encountered this issue before. I started a topic on it but of course nobody read it/bumped it so it’s long gone, buried under the 100s of other complaints about this patch.

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I had an insignificant amount of CTDs before SU5, but since SU5 when I enter the world map or click ‘Fly’ MSFS crashes.

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I think I and everyone else have a right to ask for an opinion. We all got a 41 GB BUG that made the product reusable. Since I paid money for the MSFS and have not been able to use it since the update (like many others), I think it is time to make an official statement in the Official Support Forum.


There won’t be an official statement until tomorrows dev update. It will most likely read:

We have heard a few of you pilots have had a bit of turbulence and we are looking into reports received. Until then, please take a look at the Known Issues web page. Happy Flying.

They will never aknowledge widespread issues with their update and they will never roll back. I doubt they see the issues reported as very important. Their XBOX rollout was successful. That is all they care about.


All users ?
How do you know?
10 or 30 or… complaints from a million + users ?
Why this hatred ?

I had some inconveniences with the new version update too.
No bugs at all that itched me, just a few alterations.
But believe me, the improvements on landscape, vegetation,lighting, color,
clouds and immersion is so spectacular, that I can’t see any difference to
real life (2D) flying any more !!
It was worth any inconvenience .
MS, Asobo and co did a phantastic job once more.
Bye Walter


Hard deadlines with absolute commitment to rolling a major update out the door while simultaneously launching on another platform is not a recipe for success.

I guarantee you the last week or two has been all-nighters for the programmers and in-house testers while marketing kept telling them yesterday was the deadline and just make it work.

I’d like to acknowledge the devs. I’ve been in those pressure cookers and something always doesn’t work. Sometimes everything doesn’t work.

Microsoft has had some major fails at product launches. Bill Gates was live on CNN demoing Windows 98 and got the ubiquitous blue screen of death. They were demoing voice recognition to shareholders at another event and the person doing the demo started “Dear Mom…” and it went off the rails eventually putting “Dear aunt, let’s set so double the killer delete select all.” up on the screen to demonstrate the new timesaver.

It’s just how the business works. Marketing and management overcommit and programming ends up behind the eight ball having to turn their promises into reality. Any time you have a dated product launch you always run the risk it will get pushed out in an unready state. But marketing likes hard dates, management and marketing push for the moon, take expensive vacations, and get the bonuses, while programmers deal with changing feature lists and deadlines and try to keep everything afloat.

Ask any programmer. Just about all will have seen this grind.