Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

I was using the previous version of NVIDIA drivers at first and had the freezing issue. Updated to 471.71 but the issue persisted. Even found that I had an BIOS update for my Intel CPU, but no dice with that either.

Same. I’m only using a 2060 Super.

Oh OK, so that’s probably not a solution. I expect Asobo are investigating though.

They’re literally working on a hotfix as we speak according to the announcements. They’ll get us where we need to be.


Good to know! Where was this announcement made?

Such a relief! Hope the team sorts it all out as they have done in the past and that our frustration is almost over :sweat_smile:. I’m sure they will.

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I had some intermittent freezing within the first 2-3 sessions after update. It seems to have gone away on its own. Wonder if it was a cache problem

also look at the distance mountains. theyre missing. Asobo has introduced culling which effectively disables long range LOD. you can set your LOD to any value you wish in the .cfg file but the game will never load mountains in the distance anymore. there is an ongoing thread about this, but that is the reason why you are getting 9FPS more.

Perfect – which item in particular “fixed” the problem for you - Seeing as I have tried all the usual trouble shooting activities BEFORE I posted such as insuring all drivers are up to date - making sure my community folder was empty and just running the “vanilla” sim - I do not run with AI traffic and have tried both with and without a rolling cache - deleting the rolling cache and turning off all data connectivity.

Sorry you are getting sick for passing on your knowledge - but I must have missed your post with the detailed steps you have taken and of all the items you have tried - which one actually worked.

AI on or AI off makes no difference in my case. Something in the code does not like my setup. Worked perfectly in SU4, but Asobo shoves their updates at us if we want them or not. This is the reason I do not want your updates. So sick and tired of being a Beta tester on what is supposed to be tested and confirmed software.

Setting traffic to realtime online and not getting CTD’s as I switched airspace was the clincher for me, after that I enabled the rest one at a time and tested in between just in case I was mistaken.

Only fix I’ve found is to take your system offline. And I don’t just mean taking the game offline, I mean you need to take your entire PC offline. Pull out your ethernet. Freezing problem goes away immediately.

A Microsoft update that can be helpful to install in general.Fixes issues with games and other issues in Windows 10.

Removing flash will help fix CTD and freezing in MSFS???

Looks like the hotfix is coming out today.

To avoid duplicates, please close this ticket if your issue is fixed after July 30th, at 8 am PT (1500 UTC)'s HotFix or if your issue is already listed in the Known Issues list.

I suggest not downloding anything else until the patch arrives and is proved to be working otherwise you could well find yourselves running around in circles.

Patience is eveything!

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Patch has arrived. The freezing issue seems to be resolved. Not sure of the other bugs.

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The patch sadly doesn’t resolve the frame time/rate drop when panning the camera, although looking at the patch notes, it wasn’t listed either way.

UPDATE!! I finally could update the sim. As of now, the CTD’s are gone.

The camera pan stutter remains, but the fix doesn’t claim to solve that, so it’s all good!

Was getting freezing for 20-60 seconds every 5 minutes or so, no matter what I was doing, even in the menus outside of flight. Today’s patch completely corrected the issue, and I’m back to flying the friendly skies! :smiley: