Asobo working on a hotfix for CTDs

Here is a small note of encouragement to those who made it to the end of this post - a hotfix for some major crashes and known issues is on its way! Thank you for your feedback from Day 1 and the team is working incredibly hard through any issues you have experienced.


How close is it to be released?

Hopefully it will fix the World Map and Fly crashes I have.

We’ll get more news tonight when the weekly dev blog post (under News) posts.


Thank you guys! :crossed_fingers:t3:

Feedback appreciated we will just have to be patient :slight_smile:

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I have only had a couple of CTD’s since SU5. Mostly on the menus though.

My major problem is missing jetways and strange lod pop ins when on the ground at airports (jetways not showing and baggage and other GSE disappear at certain distances or zoom levels). @Jummivana, is this something that is being addressed in the hot fix?

Jayne edited the post, now saying that it’s on it’s way today. Let’s wait and see which of the issues they found a fix for…

They will post release notes soon, so just wait and see.

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When I check the link it doesn’t say that it will be released today, it just says that it’s on its way.

Anyway, I hope it fixes the problems I have and the problems other people have.

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Ah sorry, it was edited. It used to say:

a hotfix for some major crashes and known issues is on its way today and we will be posting release notes shortly!

So maybe not today, but it sounds like it’s very close.

GREAT!!! Getting tired of the CTDs with this update…Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Hotfix should address more than just the CTD issue.

There is a widespread downgrading we are currently facing after SU 5 :

  • extremely reduced tree draw distance again
  • object draw distance worst ever since initial release, buildings in PG and non PG towns pop in and out back again as you fly
  • low quality clouds
  • hangar external view not available for airliners
  • strange keyboard and mouse control behaviors, as not stable zoom speed etc

Lets get the sim actually working reliably first eh.

The rest of it is immaterial if the sim CTD’s every 5 mins


The issue with freezing controls when the camera is moved should also be fixed asap.


That’s great news. Thanks. My problems include

  1. View in the cockpit - constantly drifts to upper right without me touching the POV on my joystick
  2. Poor frame rates compared to SU4 (around LOWI) (17fps vs 30fps)
  3. Blurries and scenery artefacts at altitude.
  4. Sim freezes when trying to get back to main menu
  5. Can’t see any departure or arrival procedures in new flight planner any more IFR plans
  6. Since SU4 can’t map reverse thrust to my throttle. Was perfect before that.

My PC:
i5 4690k @ 4.4GHz, 1080ti, 32GbRAM, NVMe 2Tb disk


Not sure why you’re listing the problems here.
I suggest you check the forums (especially bugs&issues section) for threads for each of your problems and particiapte/vote there. If there is no matching thread, open a new one providing as much details as possible.
This is the best way to get help from the community and maybe from the devs.

Yep, saw that for the first time today. Very odd. I’ve never seen that in MSFS 2020 before now, and like many here I’ve been in the sim since launch day.

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I’m grateful for the CTD hotfix, but I hope they don’t expect us to just get used to how the sim looks now.


You gotta plug the hole before you can start baling water. Patience my friend…hopefully we’ll get her stable, then we can start redecorating.

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So so hope this Hotfix fixes the Live weather problems…Fingers Crossed, And good on them for bringing a hothix out so quick what ever it fixes, Iv also had a few CTD since SU5 But im loving the preformance gains esp in VR

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Thank you Asobo !!

cheers :wink: