It was beautiful

I had a perfectly working sim; everything worked well. Then I updated to SU V.

Dear Asobo, please can you release a downgrade to the previous version so I can fly? All I get now is CTD or the game freezing for 30 seconds to 2 minutes in flight. This is now unusable. I am really disappointed. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled, raised two support tickets and still have a sim that is of no more use than an IBM 8086.

Please do not force updates on your loyal community. Let us wait until you have ironed the bugs out in future.

This is a worse release than Cyberpunk 2077.

Shocked from Bristol.


They just announced a hotfix at the bottom of this post. Hopefully it helps your issues.
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Much the same experiance as the OP. The sim was stunning, yes there were occasional stutters on approach to some airports, but this, what we have now is terrible. You can tell for an instant it’s been dummed down as before i had to run limited to 30fps to gain the best experiance, but man it worked!

Now as in months ago if it’s not CTD, after CTD (and yes i have disabled AI) It’s the graphics looking like something form a decade ago ! I can now run the same GPU in Ultra, everything maxed and still get 60fps on a year old Radeon RX5700XT.

Prior to this downgrade, i had to limit the fps as mentioned before, but it was stunning!


Hi - I do hope so. It will be installed once availble! Thanks for the reply.

This has just got to stop. What is Asobo or anybody else supposed to surmise from that information? What details have you provided as to why this is happening, when, under what circumstances, what were you doing, what system do you have, what other software are you running, have you updated drivers, is your cooling, memory, HDD, SSD, etc all in good order and free of faults, what about external peripherals, what about third party addons both from the MS Store and from a third party with a third party installer? The list of questions go on and on and on and on. You state a problem but offer no data, you offer nothing at all apart from creating a topic that is exactly the same as 50 other topics on here.

I have come across people running third party optimizers, showing a CTD with said optimizer actively working in the background and they wonder, aloud, where others can hear them, “why is my game crashing?”. We have people disabling hyperthreading without having any idea what that does or why it actually improves computer performance. We have people running overclocked SLI 3090’s (a practice NVIDIA does not endorse) and wondering why they don’t get good performance. There is so much more to all of these stories but all we ever get is “it doesn’t work and you need to fix it”.

I put it to you that this post, in and of itself, is about as much use as an IBM 8086.


Have you removed all mods/dlcs from the community folder?

Hi and totally understand why you are saying what you are saying. My post was purely a rant over the quality of this last release. As you will have read in my post, I have submitted two support tickets to Zendesk who have responded with ‘apply the patch to be released later today’. I’m my support tickets I list all the information you suggest including DxDiag which demonstrates I have a fully patched Windows 10 OS as well as a Ryzen 9 3900x, 64Gb RAM, Zotak GTX 3090, SSDs etc etc. which is what Microsoft would rather we do than posting all this information in the forums. As I said, I was simply ranting plus asking that in future when they release updates we are not forced to do so….I take your point though…

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forced updates will always be there for this title.
lets hope the patch does indeed patch.

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I went from this:

to this…

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impossible to compare those shots.
lower ones i consider pretty good.

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Nah I couldn’t even make out the runway on short final. Over saturation on everything and bad antialiasing. Was horrible.

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As they are for any game that can be played online. You can’t have different people playing different versions of the same game together.

To be fair, to prove a point with screenshots they should be of the same thing in the same conditions. Internal to external, sunset to bright cloudless daytime doesn’t really show anything that can be directly compared. Not saying you’re wrong because I’ve seen the issues you describe myself, but it would help others understand what you mean.

Have you tried tweaking some of the post-processing values in the graphics config file? There were a couple which seemed to help somewhat with the oversaturation issue, at least in VR. I’ll check what they were called later.

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Since the update I’ve completed 2 more legs of my RTW trip without issues and with excellent performance. You can see them here and the many screenshots I’ve posted. If you go further back up my thread, you can look at screenshots going all the way back you August last year at launch when I started my journey. I have no issues with the clarity of the most recent shots, although I think in some lighting it can seem a little bright, but not excessively so. It certainly doesn’t look “horrible”. My settings are all ultra on 2560x1440.

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The weather in those images and time of day are completely different.

‘It’ will be even more beautiful please don’t give up yet !

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For me, I had all the CTD ■■■■, tried everything including reinstalling sim, nothing worked until I disabled AI aircraft and that solved it. Now I see that’s part of the hotfix.

I’m just wondering why there isn’t better communication on MS part. You have to root through the forums, watch videos on YouTube etc. They need some sort of UI element that they can push real-time notifications to without the need to release a patch. Something like “we are aware some users are experiencing CTD problems and these issues will be addressed in an upcoming hotfix, in the meantime you can attempt the following temporary fixes…”

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Fully Agree! Get us IV please!!! We paid for it, so do not use use as financiers for your xbox adventure.


As an update, I installed the patch and now (with some tuning) have it working like it did before SU 5. I also noticed that waves now break onto rocks with spray. If this has indeed been tweaked it looks fantastic! Rant over!!


So they released a patch today?

Not as far as I am aware; I was referring to the hotfix released just after SU 5 :slight_smile: