Acknowledgement from the devs?

oh man…my first laugh of the day

funny that i dont remember microsoft having patients with me when i had to pay for the game, im sure i had to give them all or nothing to be able to purchase it, i dont remember them having patients with me and allowing me to pay on the monthly ?


lmao love how they bring a statement out that replies are disabled on :rofl:

please simmers…we know were taking your money off you and taking a massive D**P on your head, but can you all smile and be happy while we do it :rofl:


Agree - seems unlikely to hinder at this point. As long as people don’t jump on every nuance.

CTDs are clearly an issue - had 2 myself last night. Still experimenting with add-ons though.

Sliders to push the visuals - that’s the next thing that needs to come from Asobo. That’s what will prove their worth in terms of utlising the “FPS headroom” they’ve created with this (necessarily) xbox focused update.

EDIT - hotfix yay! Hopefully loading/stability and the altitude issues are up there

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well it worked because it certainly cheered me up :rofl:

Acknowledgement (read to bottom of full post)

The sim has been running great for the past few months, flew around the earth about 6 times with FSEconomy using nothing but live traffic and live weather, since about 3 days before launch of SU5 i have had major problems with Live weather, mainly +50c ISA DEV, and now with SU5 i am seeing lots of loading of scenery and some awefull dithering and shadow flicker, but the temperature issue using live weather is the most annoying

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They’ll get it fixed, I have no doubt.

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Well they Better! haha :slight_smile:

Hot fix release is tomorrow

July 30th, at 8 am PT (1500 UTC) to download on both PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Here are the release notes:.

  • Fixed various crashes in game and on the world map
  • Fixed crashes related to the offline AI traffic
  • Fixed minor memory leaks
  • The title should no longer freeze for a very long time when connecting / disconnecting peripherals
  • Fixed broken flight plan for Garmin devices when adding an enroute waypoint that was inserted as a destination
  • Fixed flightplanner not resetting when going from one activity to another
  • Fixed flightplan from flight assistant not displaying on certain planes when VFR map is open after the destination is set
  • Fixed freezes happening when using the flight assistant when setting a new destination
  • VR options should no longer be duplicated in the Option menu
  • Marketplace “Get and download” and “Download” buttons will now function as expected on the Content Page
  • User unable to interact with UI elements with the in game cursor for free flight in some cases
  • Improvements of pitot static system to fix altimeter bugs, improve accuracy and correctly simulate temperature impact
  • Fixed AutoBrakes Button Behavior on the Airbus A320Neo
Activity / Gameplay
  • The correct runway is now taken into account for the Landing challenge at Nice
  • Pilots are now displayed in external view at the Isafjordur Landing challenge
  • Title will no longer become unresponsive after using Fuel Supply and using a fuel or payload as a numerical value via ATC Ground Services
  • Some achievements will no longer be awarded in error for certain landing scenarios
  • Fixed big temperature spikes at high altitudes
  • Added new airspace to nearest facility JS API
  • Fixed crashes on WASM modules for older CPUs

We are actively working on making this sim the best experience possible, and look forward to seeing videos, comments, and more from you about this release.

- The MSFS team

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I dont blame asobo, i blame MS, Asobo only work for them, MS pull the strings.


You need to fix my mouse/cursor interaction with the Cockpit.

Move mouse to ALT dial
Left button click and hold
Move mouse right or left does not work Completely erratic
Spinning wheel does nothing

This is what I already did back at the end of last year when I had to realize my high end PC can’t run an airliner in MSFS. Just came back to try it again for the proposed performance gains.

NO fix for CTD at start up? i can’t even get to Welcome screen…

You can fix this yourself. The following mouse bindings should have been assigned automatically by Asobo in conjunction with the new “lock” mouse interaction system in SU5, but that apparently did not happen.

In the controls menu for the mouse, change the filter from “assigned” to “all” Do a search for “cockpit interactions”. You should see several options. Assign your left mouse button to “primary”, and your right mouse button to “secondary”. Assign mouse wheel up to “increase” and mouse wheel down to “decrease”. Save your configuration changes.

You should now find that all VC controls and knobs can be manipulated by the mouse.

Thank you very much.

The moving the mouse right or left is erratic and unusable.

I’ll ty the wheel after changing the options you identify.

You don’t need to respond to this but I’m curious as
to how you know this.

I saw another post yesterday that detailed what to do. I forget which of the many new topics that have arisen in the last two days had the info. It might have been from someone who was in the beta program.

Asobo should have assigned these bindings by default to the mouse, as the new “lock” system won’t work correctly without them. Perhaps it got overlooked in the rush to get SU5 out of the door on Tuesday.

I did try to assign but did not know what to assign to.
I couldn’t find a plain decrease. Just the one that
had “Lockable” on it.

And I didn’t know if the increase with "Lockable on it
should be assigned.

Edit: I see that I assigned the wrong action for Secondary.
I’ll move it from the one that has Lockable on it.

I sure hope this “hotfix” will fix things so I can at least finish downloading the update from the 27th. I was able to run the update, it downloaded 6 gigabytes then froze a little after noon on the 27th. Since then, no amount of reboots and attempts to finish downloading have done any good.
The update screen loads, shows that I have 34.21 gigabytes remaining to download, so I click the button to proceed and it acts like it’s going to do something but just hangs, with not 1 byte of data coming through and the white progress circle in lower right corner sits motionless.
Task manager shows the flightsim is suspended, or not responding. Seems to alternate between the 2 some.
I know a ton of work has gone into this program and its amazing. I’m not here to bash the developers or other users. I’m a patient old guy with better things to do than that. But it has been frustrating. I did put in a support request, and while waiting for a response I’ve been reading the forums and considering my options. Perhaps uninstalling the sim from Steam, then reinstalling it might help. I’m not sure at this point so I’ll wait and hope I see something positive happen. I’m sure the Dev’s are working their fanny’s off trying to fix things. I’m excited to see how it runs once the fix is released, IF I am able to finish downloading the update.
IF I can’t download the update to begin with, how will anything fix that for me? I"m crossing my fingers it just will.

Not sure what the difference is between primary/secondary “lockable” vs. just plain primary/secondary, but the latter is how I have my assignments, which appears to work.

Unfortunately, one of Asobo’s major weak points is failing to provide any kind of documentation for new features like this.