Find my controller can i turn off the red box ? Quest 2

In the quest 2 their is indictors of where to find your controllers when in the sim in the inside view how do i turn these off in MSFS their a red rectangle square with a circle with a cross through it
its quite annoying as I use my yoke can i turn this off

Set up a roomscale guardian instead of stationary or disable it entirely in dev options

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So that’s where it is, thank you! :smile:

What it called the optic. Or provide a screenshot

While you’re wearing your headset, go to the “settings” menu and select “Developer.”
You’ll find the switch listed under “Guardian.”

But that turns off the whole tracking their must be a way to disable it other than aking out the batteries

no directions on how to not very helpfull.

Turning off guardian does not turn off tracking.
Turning off tracking obviously does turn off tracking, but that’s not what we said.

That’s odd. Head tracking works just fine with Guardian turned off on mine. What doesn’t work when I turn Guardian off is the double-tap pass-though.

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