Finish the Longitude Petition

Outside of the obvious CTD, fuel tanks too small for type, and over powered engine issues, please finish this aircraft:

  1. Working HUD
  2. Completed Cabin
  3. Wing Flex

Edit (Items 4 through 6 fixed with third party updates including WorkingTitle mods to the G3000):

  1. High AOA above 41,000ft fixed (edit: the reason is this aircraft can only reach 0.74M when it should be cruising comfortably at 0.84M which is the published cruise speed)
  2. Fuel tanks adjusted to real world specs/loads for accurate range
  3. Flap speed tape needs to be adjusted for correct flap speed

This is an amazing plane but it’s crazy the 787 has a working HUD and the CJ4 has a completed cabin yet the Longitude doesn’t. Maybe it was thought this wouldn’t be a popular aircraft. Here’s hoping this one get’s done.

  1. The outboard portion of the right wing spoilers/spolieron does not extend.
  1. Fuel quantities displayed in gallons. Should be pounds or (perhaps an operator setting) kilograms.
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Definitely. It’s a JOKE to have a Partnership Series video with people from Textron saying how lifelike their products are in Flight Simulator.

Less Arcade, more Simulation please.


For stage one I’d be totally OK with the flight model (fuel consumption etc) being correct.
As I said in other posts - the Longitude was one of the reasons I sprung for the super-deluxe ed.


Same here. I can live with a delay, but it would be good if Asobo can indicate when exactly they intend to fix the glaring shortcomings.

This topic should not be under wishlist, but under bugs. Longtitude is all wrong, it’s not a wish to fix what’s broken.

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  1. Landing / Taxi Lights to be seen from Cockpit view!
  2. Speed constraints in Flightplan for proper working A/T (FMS Mode)
  3. Holding patterns in FMS
  4. TCAS implementation
  5. Store aircraft state when leaving (switches positions)
  6. Nosewheel steering with side console-mounted hand wheel


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No worries, it doesn’t. :roll_eyes:

Made an edit to the to the original post do to the advances mods have had on this aircraft. A big thank you to Working Title for their work on the G3000 and dakfly0219 for his work on the flight model. All that’s needed now is a finished cabin and working HUD which is only possible via Asobo.

By the way, NO real world Longitude has shipped with a working HUD yet; I suspect this is why Asobo hasn’t implemented it.

One of the reasons I purchased the premium deluxe version of the sim is definitely the Citation Longitude. It’s pretty disappointing that the aircraft isn’t up to standard - or even fully functional! It’s sad that the aircraft has crucial features non-functional, like the HUD as previously mentioned. Although, as Nerbulus above mentioned, The Aircraft doesn’t yet ship with HUD??? Why would they put it there if it’s not even used in real life? They should either collaborate with Textron to have it work how they have it working right now in it’s testing phase, or even better straight up get rid of it and don’t temp us with something that not only in the virtual skies, but in the real ones too doesn’t exist.

It could be nice if they would make their aircraft models realistic too. Fuel Burn is really important and shouldn’t be ignored.

I hope Asobo & Microsoft take notice of this and fix their garbage aircraft. I’m tired of having 3rd Party Devs like FBW fix this ■■■■. ):

The Longitude has started to receive updates in AAU1.