First flight of the season

I don’t fly my plane in the winter. The first flight of the spring is always uncomfortable. After the first landing though, its back in the saddle for summer flying.


Nice landing! Since you don’t fly in the winter do you do anything to keep your piloting sharp before that first flight back?

Wow, that’s awesome!! Weather looked perfect for flying too. Can’t wait to take my first flight as well.

Blue skies! :airplane:

I’ve talked to many mechanics about this. I don’t too too much. First I make sure there is a full clean oil change after final flight. I keep it in a climate controlled hangar. Finally I hook a battery minder device up to the battery that keeps the battery in top shape. That’s about it. Yesterday on my first flight and first run up the left spark plugs were fouled during the mag check. I was able to burn it off, but plane goes in for annual next week I’ll bring it up with mechanic on how that happened over winter?

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Yep it was one of those days, we have had terrible weather, and looks like next full week is terrible weather, but yesterday was soooo good, I took off work and got the bird back up.

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oh im sorry i thought you were talking about the plane, yes, I have MSFS with an Oculus, and I use PilotEdge ATC. It keeps somewhat good, but no matter how much sim, its not a replacement for staying “sharp” and no matter how many hours I have, I am always a little uncomfortable on that first flight, not necessarily scared, but not super happy either lol.

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Living the dream!

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Is there a reason you forgo winter flying? I fly in all seasons.

What song is this?

Stumbling Still by Nation of Language.

Thank you so much.

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Yep, its a weather and daylight issue. I do 90% of my flying on weeknights after work. My plane has no panel lights and I do not like night flying, so in the winter I lose the after work daylight. In Pennsylvania, its extremely rare to have a clear, low wind day on a weekend in the winter. Also I think my cessna heat is not really all that great, so I dont really want to be in a freezing cockpit.