First thing I noticed after being away for a year

What the hell happened to the graphics? Seriously? Running on a 2080ti at Ultra 1080p and the game looks horrendous! Trees seem pixelated even with full AA, clouds look terrible and the overall texture quality seems to have been downgraded. Best of all my performance is worse than it was a year ago. It looks so bad in fact that I’m thinking maybe this is just a dodgy update and they’ll hotfix it?


I was also away for quite a while and blown away in the negative sense just like you.

I think some people that have been with it all along are having a boiling frog situation and not realizing how much it has degraded


I hadn’t really spent much time simming until SU5 because I couldn’t get it to run worth a darn on my setup no matter what I did. Occasionally I got it going decent but it was too inconsistent and aggravating. Now I’ve been flying a lot more, and I don’t think the scenery looks worse than before.

This is just a quick shot of where I dropped into the Cascades to test things. Help me understand what looks worse here versus before? What am I missing?

Edit: I wasn’t planning on continuing the flight…I was originally just going to take those snapshots and then take care of some other things (paint a new livery onto my CRJ), but I couldn’t get away from it. Flying through the Cascades was gorgeous and smooth, so I just continued on and landed at KGRF.


These are all from SU5


Loving the rainbow on that last one!

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I have been with the sim from day one, and yes it has downgraded. I look back at the videos I made when i first started and there is a marked difference, I use to fly in the beautiful “World” of MSFS 2020, now I am right back in FS9.


I love it too man :smiley: It is my favourite picture, I just took it 5 min ago


Maybe you should try out FS9 again. You’ll be surprised.


Actually I am going back to FS98, …and I was surprised, I looked alot better!


Well, then you have so many choices now, pick your favorite :+1:

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Thank you for your suggestions I am touched. So let me see…FS98, FS9, FSX …Wow they are all so much better, Hmm…

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cant beat a DOUBLE rainbow tho :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What’s wrong with that?

how do you mean ?

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if you took the extra time to see who i were referring the message to rather than jump on me quicker than a cat on a mouse you’d see it was aimed at someone that uploaded a pic that included a rainbow and was loving the rainbow look so i was sharing in his joy, if it really bothers you that much that i left you out then i apologise no offence intended :wink:


Sorry, the dark avatar of the person you replied to with the dark forum theme made me miss this.

Sometimes it’s also hard to differentiate sarcasm from honest posts these days. Mea culpa.

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